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Lupin Season 3 Release Date: Production, Plot, Cast and Other Updates

Lupin Season 3 is a drama series with parts about crime, mystery, and intrigue. Marcela Said and Louis Leterrier will be in charge of the show. The show is about a professional leader named Assane Diop, whose father left Senegal for France so that his son could have a better life. His bad and princely master, Hubert Pellegrini, falsely accuses Assane of stealing a valuable stone accessory, which causes Assane to hang himself out of shame.

Assane swears revenge and, after reading Arsene Lupin’s books, decides to get it by using his intelligence, charm, and excellent judgment to get into the perfect shape and find out who Pellegrini really is.

Lupin Season 3: Release Date

George Kay, who helped make the show, talked to Radio Times right before the third season of Lupin Section 3 was renewed. He said that a new season should start in 2022.

Lupin may not be as popular as Netflix‘s other non-English series like Money Heist and Squid Game, but since the first two parts came out, the French mystery-thriller series has gained a loyal fan base. Part 1 of Lupin came out in January 2021. Altogether, there were five episodes. In April, Netflix said that more than 70 million households had watched the drama in its first month on the platform.

After a few months, the second part, which has five more episodes, came out on Netflix in June 2021. The third part of Lupin will be on Netflix very soon.

Lupin Season 3: Cast

The first two seasons of Lupin were about the same group of characters.
1. Assane Diop, a great thief, is played by Omar Sy.
2. Antoine Gouy has been Assane’s friend for a long time. His real name is Benjamin Ferel, and he is a great art dealer and forger.
3. Claire is Assane’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of their son Raoul. She is played by Ludivine Sagnier (Etan Simone).
4. Hervé Pierre plays Assane’s childhood crush, Juliette Pellegrini, who is also Hubert’s daughter. Clotilde Hesme plays Juliette.
5. Youssef Guedira, played by Soufiane Guerrab, is the first police officer to see Assane. Some of the people who work for him are Shirine Boutella and Vincent Londez.
6. In flashbacks, Assane’s father, Babakar, shows up as Fargass Assande.

Lupin Season 3 : Production

In November 2021, Lupin star Omar Sy and Netflix posted a picture on Twitter to confirm that work on Part 3 had begun. The picture was just of Sy standing in Paris. Netflix put “Guess who’s back and ready to steal the show?” as the caption. Part 3 of Lupin is now being made!” Sy wrote “Feels good to be home!” under the title of his photo. Lupin, Part 3 is now being made,” which was written in both English and French.

Since the November announcement, Sy and Netflix haven’t said anything about whether or not filming is still going on in Paris or is done. It’s not surprising that neither has given a production update, since Netflix doesn’t usually show when its shows start and finish production.

Lupin Season 3 Plot: What Will Happen?

“Right now, we’re talking about that. We have a lot of things we want to do and say, but we’re still writing them down “EW talked to Omar Sy.

As Lupin’s second adventure was coming to an end, Assane finally told everyone about Pellegrini’s crimes and cleared his father’s name. The morally bankrupt businessman was arrested in the final scene. The police now have proof that he did something wrong that can’t be argued with. This doesn’t mean that he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail, but it’s possible that Pellegrini won’t be a part of this story anymore.
Still, Assane may have gotten his own back in season two, but Pellegrini is still in trouble.

“It depends on what Pellegrini, everyone else, and even he is going to do next. Because it’s not finished yet. He has done most of the work, but it isn’t done yet. When episode 10 ended, we didn’t have all the answers to our questions “Sy said to EW.
He could, of course, get away again and come back even more determined to hurt Assane. But that ending gives Kay and Francois Uzan the perfect way to start a new story, with plenty of room for Assane to show off his deliciously wide range of tricks and ruses and a whole bunch of new disguises.

lupin season 3
After a short but moving goodbye with Claire and their son on “Raoul’s bridge,” he has now gone into hiding. But the man said he would come back, so we’ll take him at his word.

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When he does come back, we’d like to see him face a new enemy. Maybe Pellegrini is part of a larger group whose leaders are very upset that Assane destroyed their latest attempt to get rich. We know that Pellegrini has a direct line to the Minister of the Interior. When he was first arrested, he used this to get out of jail. Does this go all the way up?

Or will we see another face from Assane’s past that we don’t want to see? There are many and different options.

Kay told Variety that he will “make up a new adventure that will go on from there and make Assane even more worried.” He also said that he wants the story to take place in Paris and that he will keep telling Assane’s story.
Kay has also hinted that there could be a crossover with Sherlock Holmes, since Lupin and Sherlock (or Herlock Sholmès) meet in the original books.
“To be completely honest, there have been talks,” he said (via RadioTimes). “I have some ideas going around in my head about that, and I’d like to find out more about them.”

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He added: “The Arsene Lupin fandom, which is clear from the show, would have to fight it out with the Sherlock Holmes fandom if you want to get really meta about it. It would be really cool to have that much fun, and we’ve talked about it before.”

Whether or not Lupin faces Holmes, you can expect him to have more help if the show keeps going past season three.

Sy told EW, “If you read the books, Lupin has a lot of helpers.” “But in the show, he only had Benjamin, but he needed more people, so he hired them, just like he did with Philippe Courbet. So having that was interesting. And I think it will be more interesting if there are a lot of people in the cast one day.

“Because the whole point is to be the mastermind, and you can’t do everything by yourself. It’s also one of his skills, to bring people with him. It was a lot of fun to play with. It’s a good thing about Lupin.”

lupin season 3

When a show gets to its third season, it can sometimes get darker, but Lupin won’t turn violent all of a sudden when it comes back.

“Throughout the whole show, we were very careful that our hero didn’t do anything violent. So Assane doesn’t do anything violent. He does what he does, but not violently. One of Lupin’s rules is that he must never hurt or kill anyone. And we wanted you to think at that moment, “Maybe he’s going to do it.” Since it is a lot. It’s about his dad, and maybe something will happen now, after all these years of waiting and being angry.

“And he might do the same thing on the other side. Well, why not? That really could have happened. But then we wanted him to come back to himself, show that he was smarter than that, and be able to control his anger. We wanted the audience to think that maybe he would do it.”

Lupin Season 3 Trailer: When Can We Watch It?

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