James Harden Net Worth: How Much Is James Harden Worth In 2022?

James Edward Harden Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association. He was born on August 26, 1989. (NBA). He is one of the NBA’s best all-around players and one of the players who scores the most points.

He played college basketball for the Arizona State Sun Devils. In 2009, he was named an All-American by most people and the Pac-10 Player of the Year. The Oklahoma City Thunder picked Harden with the third pick in the 2009 NBA draft. In 2012, he was named NBA Sixth Man of the Year and helped the Thunder get to the NBA Finals, where they lost in five games to the Miami Heat.

James Harden Biography

James Harden was born in Los Angeles, Calif., on August 26, 1989. His family was very religious, and they taught him the morals of Christianity so that he could become a world-class basketball player. His family says that he is lucky. His mother gave him the name “Lucky” because he was the first child she had after a string of miscarriages. This is good luck that Nickname has. Even his teammate says he’s lucky.

People say that James Harden is a very normal person. Do you know that he was offered scholarships to play basketball at UNC and UCLA, but he chose to stay with his home team, ASU, because of his teammate and coach? James Harden comes from a very poor family, and they all struggled together over the years until James Harden got the Golden Touch.

James Harden: Networth

James Harden, an American professional basketball player, is the best player in the world. He is worth $170 Million. Several websites, like Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, say that the most famous American professional basketball player, James Harden, is worth about $170 million.

James Harden Net Worth

As you already know, he is worth about $170 million, which is his net worth. His current deal is for 6 years and is worth $250 million. His salary right now is between 42 and 44 million dollars per year. He is one of the NBA players who makes the most money.

He has made more than $250 million just in salary over the course of his career. He just signed a 250 million-dollar contract with a sports company. Just from his deals with Nike, he makes around $20 million a year. Once, the Rockets got him in a trade.

James Harden: Career

James’s first job in the real world was with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even though it was his first season, he shot a lot of three-pointers and made a lot of them. He was named the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year after the 2011-2012 season.

James Harden Net Worth

In that season, Thunder made it to the NBA Finals, but Miami Heat beat them. After that, the Houston Rockets made Harden a good offer to extend his contract, but he turned it down and stayed with the team.

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Harden was not a “bench player” for the Rockets, as he had been for the Thunder. Almost right away, he was offered a contract extension. In his first year with the team, Harden had some of the most impressive stats ever recorded in the NBA. He was also chosen for the first time to be on the All-Star team.

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James ran for MVP every year after that for the next few years. He was the league’s top scorer more than once. In 2018, he finally got the award. During this time, Harden got several contract extensions, which shows that the Houston Rockets thought he was an important player.


James Harden is an American pro basketball player who is known for having great skills and being able to score a lot of points, which often helps his team win important games.

He has been called the “NBA Most Valuable Player” (MVP) and the “PAC Player of the Year” because of his great skills and dedication to the sport.

James Harden’s net worth is about $165 million as of August 2022.

Favorite Quotes from James Harden

“This is a business and everything happens for a reason. I’m going to just to play hard, try to play hard and do whatever it takes to win.” – James Harden

“Being in attack mode is something I try to bring into every single game, and that’s what’s making me be so successful.” – James Harden

“My dream was to be in the NBA. I wasn’t really focused on being a star player on a team. I just wanted to make it to the NBA. I’ve been blessed for the opportunities to be in the Finals, been in the playoffs ever since I’ve been in the NBA.” – James Harden

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