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The Crown Season 5 Release Date: Will There Be a New Season of the Crown in 2022?

The Crown is a Netflix original series that came out in 2016. It told the story of the monarch who has been in power the longest in the modern world. Now that it’s in its fifth season, Netflix has started giving out more information about the show.

This is because production has started up again after being put on hold because of Covid. Here is everything we know about The Crown Season 5, including when it will come out, who will be in it, and what it might be about.

The fifth season of The Crown, which is about Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign, will come out on Netflix in November 2022.

About a decade of the royal family’s life is shown in each season of The Crown. At the end of Season 4, Elizabeth yelled at Charles for having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and told him he couldn’t get a divorce.

Meanwhile, Diana was also found to be having an affair, and Philip told her she had to put on a united front with Charles. But we all know that doesn’t happen, and season five is expected to show how Charles and Diana’s marriage slowly fell apart. They were officially divorced in 1996, after being apart for four years.

The Crown Season 5 Release Date: When does Season 5 of The Crown come out?

According to Netflix, On November 9, Season 5 of The Crown will premiere on Netflix. During the Netflix TUDUM audience meeting in September 2021, Imelda Staunton, who will play Queen Elizabeth II in the next season, confirmed the information.

This means that The Crown will come back right before Thanksgiving, and there will be a lot of trouble in the family and in the government.

Some sources say that filming began again in July 2021, after a long break since Season 4 came out. But production stopped around Christmas because there had been a lot of Covid-19 cases among the cast at the end of the previous year.

The Crown Season 5 Expected Cast and Character

The Crown season 5 is expected to have a whole new cast, just like every other season.

Imelda Staunton, who will follow in the footsteps of Olivia Colman and Claire Foy, may play the last role of Queen Elizabeth in our new season. Also, European Prime Minister John Major is expected to play a big part in season 5 of the show, which is full of political and palace drama.

Trainspotting and Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller is also expected to be in the cast. Tony Blair took over for Major in 1997. The actor Bertie Carvel could play Blair. Jonathan Pryce, who is known for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, will join them all as the new Prince Philip in the Crown.

The Crown season 5

Elizabeth Debicki is expected to follow in Emma Corrin’s footsteps and play Princess Diana in the 1990s. Prince Charles will be played by Dominic West.

 When Netflix showed the first picture of the on-screen couple, people were immediately interested because they looked like a real-life couple from that time. On the other hand, Senan West, who is the son of Dominic West, might play Prince William.

Also, Lesley Manville could take on the crown as Princess Margaret in order to fit in with the rest of the family. Prince Edward is expected to be played by Sam Wolf, Prince Andrew may be played by James Murray, and Princess Anne is expected to be played by Claudia Harrison.

After Charles and Diana’s divorce, it’s possible that Olivia Williams and Humayun Saeed will play Camila Parker Bowles and Dr. Hasnat Khan, the possible love interests of Prince Charles and Diana.

The Crown Season Story

The Crown is an expensive period drama about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It shows the Queen as a constant in a country that is changing quickly, and it asks how the unique life of a monarch affects the person underneath the symbol. It suggests that the pressure of the crown makes people hollow and separates them from the world and from each other.

Season 5 will show the Queen’s life in the 1990s. Imelda Staunton will play the Queen, taking over from Olivia Colman and Claire Foy before her.

The Crown Season 5 Expected Plot

The Independent said that season five will also include Diana’s controversial 1995 interview with Martin Bashir. In that interview, she was honest about Charles’s affair and said, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Bashir was later found guilty of using fake documents to get the interview, but he said he is still “immensely proud” of the interview and how it gave Diana a chance to finally speak out about the royal family.

The Crown season 5 (3)

It’s not clear if the season will show how Diana died in a terrible car accident on August 31, 1997. But it’s likely that the series will lead up to that event.

Khalid Abdalla’s casting as Dodi confirms that we’ll see Dodi and Diana’s whirlwind relationship, which began after Diana’s divorce. When Diana died, they were in Paris together.

Each season also tends to focus on Elizabeth’s relationship with the prime minister. This season, the leader will be John Major, who was in office from 1990 to 1997 and was replaced by Tony Blair.

Elizabeth also celebrated her 40th year on the throne in 1992, but she called it her “annus horribilis” (horrible year) because there were many marriage problems in the royal family, Windsor Castle caught on fire, and Charles and Diana announced they were splitting up.

Who Writes and Runs Season 5 of the Crown?

Peter Morgan will write every episode of season 5 of The Crown, just like he did in years past. Morgan has also written the movies The Queen, The Deal, and The Special Relationship, all of which starred Tony Blair, as well as the movie Frost/Nixon.

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Directors haven’t been named yet for season 5 of The Crown, but it’s likely that Benjamin Caron (Sherlock), Julian Jarrold (A Royal Night Out), and Jessica Hobbs (Broadchurch) will return.

The Crown  Season 5 Episodes

From what we’ve heard, it seems likely that season 5 of The Crown will have ten episodes, just like the four seasons before it. As was said at the beginning, the show will have a total of 60 episodes, with the last one coming out at the end of season 6.

If you’ve never seen the show before, you should definitely stream the previous seasons before starting the next season, which will only be available on Netflix.

Where Can I Watch the Series

Once Season 5 of The Crown comes out, you can watch it on Netflix. You can also watch the first few seasons of The Crown on Netflix.

You can watch shows and movies like Virgin River, Yellowstone, Purple Hearts, and Criminal Minds while you wait for the fifth season of The Crown to come out.

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Season 5 of The Crown has a lot to live up to since the first four seasons of the show won awards. We hope that season five will be the best one yet.

Is the Season 5 trailer for The Crown out?

View the suspenseful trailer below.

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