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Michael Kittredge Net Worth: How Much Money Does Michael Kittredge III Have in the Bank

Kringle Candle is a maker, retailer, and wholesaler of luxury scented candles with headquarters in Bernardston, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. Michael Kittredge III is the company’s owner and founder.

In addition to that, Michael has been working in this industry for the better part of ten years now.

Michael Kittredge III established the Kringle Candle in October 2010 and immediately began shipping the highest-quality candles to customers all over the nation.

In a similar vein, Michael is the proprietor of The Farm Table Restaurant and has held the presidency there since November 2012.

Kittredge III is a seasoned business entrepreneur who has a proven track record of success in the retail and wholesale of consumer goods.

Additionally, Michael possesses competencies in the areas of negotiating, business planning, customer service, consumer product marketing, and advertising.

In addition to that, he has worked for a variety of companies, and he is also affiliated with LabLove.

Michael Kittredge’s Early Years

Michael James Kittredge II was born on February 1, 1952, and he grew up in a simple ranch house in the Massachusetts town of South Hadley.

His dad was in the business of selling ads in city directories. His mother taught pottery and had a kiln in the house. Michael used to play guitar in a band called the Bristol Curries when he was younger.

In the early 1970s, he went to Holyoke Community College and got his degree while his business was growing. When he found out he couldn’t get a degree in the history of candle making, he decided to quit UMass Amherst.

Michael kittredge Net Worth

After people asked to buy his candles, he turned his hobby into a business that he ran out of his garage and called Yankee Candle Co. When he was just starting out, he had to give up his guitar, banjo, and stereo system to get a $2,000 bank loan.

Before he could afford machines, Mr. Kittredge poured each candle by hand. Because there were so many Chinese imports on the market, he stuck to making things by hand to make his product stand out.

His candles had labels that were carefully written by hand and told the story of each scent. He thought that if a customer was interested enough in a product’s label to pick it up and look at it, the item was more likely to be sold.

Michael Kittredge’s Career

Michael J. Kittredge II’s first candle was a blob of wax. Michael, then a teenager, made his mother a candle using melted crayons, a milk carton mold, and an old shoelace. 1969

In 1997, the company made $150,000,000. Deerfield, Massachusetts businesses are becoming destinations. Kittredge sold 90% of the company for $500 million in 1998.

Having fought cancer twice by his early 50s, he knew his time was limited. Between selling the corporation and having a stroke, he lived largely.

He helped educational and medical institutions as well as friends and coworkers. The annual workplace picnic offered steak and lobster.

He was continually putting out two fires. Former employee Robert Shepherd said he once paid $20,000 on a bottle of 1895 Château d’Yquem Sauternes at Mirabelle in London. Mr. Kittredge gave his cooks and diners wine.

He possessed a private jet, 200-foot boat, Jaguar XKE, and Porsche 930. His 10,000-square-foot Nantucket house had a theatre and staff quarters.

Michael kittredge Net Worth

In Florida, he had a twice-as-large oceanfront estate with a recording studio, clay tennis court, and a 6,000-square-foot fitness center.

In 1986, Mr. Kittredge told New England Business a German machinery salesperson told him he was dumb for not automating his Deerfield facility.

Mr. Kittredge elaborated: “Then I went to my Porsche and got my tennis racket to play on my tennis courts, and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m mad.’

Mr. Kittredge was unapologetic about showing off his money on Nantucket, despite the island’s unexpected infusion of nouveau riche. Mr. Kittredge told the New York Times in 2005, “Successful people seek other successful people.”

On Nantucket, one shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting a good bottle of wine. If you order a $300 bottle, the following table orders a $400 bottle.

His hobbies complemented his career. He opened a museum at Yankee Candle’s Deerfield facility to display his car collection. This was a wonderful diversion for males whose wives wanted to loiter.

Dip metal racks with wicks into melted wax to make taper candles.

Michael Kittredge’s Net Worth

The estimated amount of Michael Kittredge III’s net worth is close to one million dollars.

Because the specifics of his earnings aren’t readily available to the general public, it is difficult to put an accurate figure on his annual income and overall wealth.

In point of fact, though, Michael’s candle business brings in a substantial amount of income for him.

Regarding Michael’s profits, we are presently gathering additional results and will provide an update as soon as we can.

Michael Kittredge’s Personal Life

There has been no mention of Michael Kittredge III’s marriage in the press as of yet.

It is possible that he is married, however, there is no concrete information regarding either his marriage or his wife.

Michael Kittredge III, in the same vein as a lot of other people, chooses to keep his private life hidden from the press.

Therefore, there is not a lot of information available concerning his marriage.

While everything was going on, on July 24, 2019, his father, Michael J. Kittredge II, passed away.

There is no information available about his mother. Lisa, who was previously married to his father and maybe the mother of Michael Kittredge III, was his father’s ex-wife.

Michael Kittredge’s Car Collections

Kittredge constructed two car barns at the family estate, with a total capacity of eighty vehicles to store there. He bemoaned the fact that he did not have sufficient time to drive all of the vehicles in his collection, despite the fact that they were all licensed and prepared for operation.

In an interview with The Chase Magazine, Kittredge was quoted as saying, “Every automobile in here is a statue to me, reflecting the best that mankind has achieved.” The 1959 Ford that served as his first vehicle was a present from his parents.

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After that, he began amassing a diverse collection of automobiles, including Porsches, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Jaguars, and Bentleys, among others.

Michael Kittredge’s Death Cause

Michael Kitteredge died after being sick for a short time.

Michael died on July 24, 2021, when he would have been 67 years old. He spent his last days in Boston at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Michael had a stroke in 2012 that left him unable to move or speak, but he has worked hard to get better.

His kids, Kylie Madison and Casey Jean, and other family members will carry on with what he started.

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Online, people wrote heartfelt messages about the famous candlemaker. One person tweeted, “May your legacy shine as brightly as your candles.”


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