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Aryna Sabalenka Net Worth: How Much She Earn From Prize Money?

The amount of money that Aryna Sabalenka, a tennis star from Belarus, has amassed is one of those things that fans are always interested in hearing about. Her age and the things she has accomplished at her age are both surprising. However, the matches that she competes in and either wins or loses are not the only source of her income.

According to the Women’s Tennis Association, she reached a career-high singles ranking of No. 7 in the world at one point (WTA). The 2019 United States Open and the 2021 Australian Open were both won by Sabalenka in the women’s doubles competition at Grand Slam events.

Additionally, she makes money through sponsorships, partnerships, and promotions for a variety of brands, among other things. She participates in a variety of competitions in order to increase her chances of winning prize money, which amounts to the US $11,388,065.

It has been revealed here how much money Aryana Sabalenka has in her net worth. Those that are curious will find themselves in the appropriate environment here. In this article, she also mentions her association with the brands, which are also among the sources of her income.

Aryna Sabalenka Early Life

Aryna Sabalenka was born on May 5, 1998, in Belarus. She is a well-known tennis player. A tennis player who became famous after helping the Belarus Fed Cup team finish in second place in 2017. This was a big surprise since Belarus was ranked outside of the top 75 at the time.

In 2018, she won her first two championships from the Women’s Tennis Association. Astrologers say that Aryna Sabalenka’s sun sign is Taurus.

Sabalenka lost in qualifying at the US Open, but she made it to her first WTA semifinal at the Tashkent Open. Along the way, she beat Tatjana Maria, who was the third seed in the tournament and ranked No. 53 in the world. A few weeks later, she went into the Tianjin Open with a world ranking of 119, but she still made it to her first WTA final.

She played against Maria Sharapova, who was her favorite player as a child, but she lost in two tough sets. With this performance, she moved up to No. 76 and into the top 100 for the first time.

After the United States beat the United States in a close Fed Cup final, Sabalenka won the biggest title of her career at the time at the WTA 125K Mumbai Open. Due to the title, she stayed at No. 73 at the end of the year.

Her father, Sergey, played hockey. Sabalenka was born in Minsk, Belarus’s capital city, on May 5, 1998. Her father Sergey, a hockey player, died in 2019. By accident, Aryna started playing tennis. “One day, my dad was just taking me somewhere in the car when he saw tennis courts,” she said.

He took me to court after that. It was just the way I liked and liked it. She started training at the National Tennis Academy in Minsk, which opened in 2014.

Aryna Sabalenka Professional Life

On the Asia ITF circuit, she won two titles that were each worth $60,000. The prize pool for the singles event is expected to be around US$95,295. At the 2018 US Open, she won her first WTA title and $46,500 in prize money.

Then, in the US Open 2022, she beat Danielle Collins in the 16th round and Karolina Pliskova in the quarterfinals (6-1,7-6).

aryna sabalenka net worth

Aryana won the opening match of 2018 Australian Open and took home a prize of about USD 2,494,686. At the 2018 Wimbledon championship, she won a prize worth $71,853.

At the 2018 Wuhan Open, she won US$2,589,000 in prize money. She also won $45,621 at the 2017 French Open. But she also won the $93,523 prize for the third round of the 2018 Australia Open.

Aryna Sabalenka Net  Worth

According to crossover99.com Aryna Sabalenka is expected to have earned about $9 million from competitions and other sources. Still, the cash award for YTD 2022 is about $969,475. The Belarussian competitor got off to a good start by entering the 2021 season contest in Abu Dhabi and winning more than 68,000 US dollars in prize money.

She also makes money through sponsorships, deals, and promotions for different brands, among other things. She wins a total of US$10,683,065 in cash prizes from different competitions. The competitor also won two titles worth $60,000 on the Asia ITF circuit. The singles prize money is estimated to be USD 955,295. At the 2018 US Open, she won her most memorable WTA title, which earned her $45,000 in prize money. Also, in the round of 16 of the US Open 2022, she beat Danielle Collins and is expected to win the US Open.

At the 2018 Australian Open, Aryna won the first game worth about USD 2,494,686. At the 2018 Wimbledon Championship, she won 71,853 dollars in prize money. She also took the first prize of US$2,589,000 at the Wuhan Open 2018. She also won $45,621 at the French Open in 2017. However, she won 93,523 dollars in the third round of the 2018 Australia Open.

Aryna Sabalenka Husband

Aryna Sabalenka is not married, but she has a lot of faith that she will get married in the near future. Konstantin Koltsov, a former ice hockey player from Minsk, Belarus, who throughout her career competed for Belarus at the Winter Olympics and IIHF World Championships, is her current boyfriend.

aryna sabalenka net worth

Aryna Sabalenka Coaches

Up until the beginning of 2018, Sabalenka had collaborated with Khalil Ibrahimov over the course of two years. At this point, she started working with Magnus Norman and Magnus Tideman, both of whom had previously competed professionally for Sweden in tennis.

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It was just in time for the grasscourt season in 2018 that Dmitry Tursunov took over as her primary coach.

Aryna Sabalenka Endorsements

Aryna has won a lot of prizes in the games she has played or won. She is the face of the NIKE and Wilson brands. The endorsements and other sources of income are expected to bring in about $281,067 per year. If we talk about Sabalenka’s current salary, it’s about $150,633 from her WTA earnings.

Aryna Sabalenka Awards

Aryna has won several prizes because of the matches she has played in or won. She is a spokesperson for NIKE and Wilson.

About $281,067 a year is expected to come in from benefits and other sources. Sabalenka’s ongoing pay is about $156,633 because of the money she makes from the WTA.

She has won many awards and worked on many projects, such as brands and technological advances, but from 2017 to 2018, her entire net worth was only about $1 million. As long as she keeps competing, her total assets will grow at a very fast rate.

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Aryna Sabalenka is one of the best tennis players around. In a time when money is tight, she makes a lot of money thanks to the huge prizes, sponsorships, and advances she has gotten. In 2022, the tennis players’ total assets are worth about $11 million.


Ever since Aryna Sabalenka began her career as a professional athlete, Nike has been the brand that has provided her with the most constant and trustworthy sponsorship.

In addition, she is the only professional tennis player that the Wilson tennis racket company endorses at the level that she competes at. The agreement that she has with Wilson is in the nature of a sponsorship relationship.

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