James Spader Net Worth: How Much Did James Spader Earn From Movies and Television Shows?

James spader is an American actor. He has played strange characters in movies like the drama Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), for which he won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor, the action science fiction film Stargate (1994), the controversial psychological thriller Crash (1996), the erotic romance Secretary (2002), and Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (2012). (2012). In Avengers: Age of Ultron, he also did the voice and motion capture for the main character, Ultron (2015).

In the last season of The Practice (2003–2004) and its spin-off, Boston Legal (2004–2008), he played attorney Alan Shore, for which he won three Emmy Awards. He also played Robert California in the mockumentary comedy The Office (2011–2012).

He plays Raymond “Red” Reddington, a high-profile criminal who turned FBI informant, on the NBC crime drama The Blacklist (2013–present). For this role, he has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

James Spader Early Years

James Todd Spader was born in Boston on February 7, 1960. He grew up with two older brothers and sisters. Both of his parents were teachers. He says that his upbringing was “progressive” and that “powerful women ruled” it.

As a child, he went to several private schools and learned from both his father and his mother in different places. After he moved to the Phillips Academy, another private school, he became friends with John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Spader quit school when he was 17, moved to New York City, and tried to become an actor. While trying to get into the entertainment business, Spader worked on a farm, taught yoga, and drove trucks, among other things.

James Spader Career

In the early 1980s, James Spader got his start in the movie Endless Love. He then got a bigger part in the 1985 movie Tuff Turf. In the 1986 movie Pretty in Pink, he got his big break when he played a rich high school student. During the 1980s, he kept acting in movies like Mannequin, Less Than Zero, Baby Boom, and Wall Street.

In the 1989 movie Sex, Lies, and Videotape, James Spader played a voyeur. This was a big step for him. Critics loved the movie, and even though it only opened in a few places, it made over $36 million worldwide. Spader got a lot of praise from critics, and he won the award for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Spader had more success in the 1990s. At the beginning of the decade, he was in movies like White Palace, Bad Influence, True Colors, and Music of Chance. In the sci-fi cult classic Stargate, he played an Egyptologist, which made him stand out. Then, in 1996, he made a big splash in the controversial movie Crash. He also played an assassin in 2 Days in the Valley, which came out that same year.

James Spader’s first big TV role was in 1997 when he was in an episode of Seinfeld. At the beginning of the 2000s, he was in movies like The Watcher and Secretary. In 2002, James Spader played Alan Shore on the TV show The Practice. Later, he played the same character on the TV show Boston Legal. From 2004 to 2008, Spader played Alan Shore on the TV show Boston Legal. Spader won three Emmys and a number of other awards for these roles.

In 2006, the Discovery Channel documentary China Revealed, which Spader narrated, brought him a lot of attention for his skills as a voice actor. He did voice-over work for Acura commercials in the future. James Spader was in the 2009 Broadway production of Race, a well-known play by Ben Mamet.

Even though he was supposed to be a guest star on The Office in 2011, he joined the cast and had a recurring role for the rest of the eighth season. In 2013, he got another recurring role as an FBI-wanted fugitive on The Blacklist. At first, Spader was paid $160,000 per episode of The Blacklist, but this went up to $300,000 per episode later. In 2015, he played Ultron in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was another big role.

James Spader Net Worth

James Spader has been in a lot of TV shows and movies, playing both small and big parts. Spader makes a lot of money from acting, which has made his net worth go up. According to celebritynetworth.com James Spader has made $20 million in total wealth.

Hollywood Reporter says that when the show first came out on TV, James made $160,000 per episode. Each season, he made more than $3.5 million.

Spader makes a lot of money from that in the future and now makes $300,000 per episode. That’s more than $6.6 million, which makes him one of the most well-paid actors on the NBC network.

On the other hand, the actor who plays the main character on “The Blacklist” makes $125,000 per episode. He makes about $2.75 million a year.

James Spader Personal Life

James Spader got married to his first wife in 1987. They had two children together and got a divorce in 2004.

  James Spader Net Worth (3)

After meeting Leslie Stefanson on the set of a movie in 2002, Spader began dating her. In 2020, they will have one son. James Spader has said that he has problems with obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Awards and Nominations

James Spader won an award for best lead actor in a drama series in 2005, and he won again in 2007 for Boston Legal. Also, in 1997, he won a similar award for the TV show The Practice, and for the movie Lincoln, he won the Critics’ Circle award for Best movie.

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Real Estate

James Spader, a famous actor in Hollywood, loves to spend his money on big, fancy homes and cars. Back in 2016, James bought a home in Maron from Fraser Way Trust and Lauren Fraser for more than $1.1 million. Banker & Tradesman says that he paid $1,174,133 for a home in Marion.

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Also, in 2016, Spader sold his home in the Middle East for $4 million. In August 2005, he bought the house for about $2.25 million. The house has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and 3,700 square feet of land.


Even though James Spader has had success at the box office with major blockbuster hits and has balanced that out with much lower-budget art films, it is a huge success and creative consistency of The Blacklist that has helped the actor reach an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Spader hasn’t been in a movie in over five years, and he hasn’t even had a small part. This is all by choice. The actor is fine with being on The Blacklist for what seems like years.

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