Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: Is She Had Affair With Bill Clionton?

Monica Lewinsky is an American author, public speaker, and anti-bullying activist.  In the mid-1990s, when Lewinsky was an intern at the White House, she had an affair with President Bill Clinton. This made her famous for the first time. Clinton was removed from office because of the scandal, and Monica became famous all over the world.

Lewinsky has said that she was the first person whose reputation was completely ruined around the world because of the Internet. Since 2014, she has been working to stop cyberbullying, and she is a well-known supporter of the #MeToo movement.

She worked with author Andrew Morton to write the book “Monica’s Story,” which came out in 1999. Her advance on the book was said to be $500,000. Monica has also made her own line of handbags, worked as a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, and hosted “Mr. Personality” on Fox in 2003.

Monica Lewinsky  Early Life

Monica Lewinsky was born on July 23, 1973, in San Francisco, California. Her full name is Monica Camille Lewinsky. She grew up in Los Angeles in a Jewish family with her mother Marcia, an author, her father Bernard, an oncologist, and her brother Michael. In 1987, Monica’s parents got divorced, and both of them remarried soon after.

Lewinsky went to school at the Sinai Akiba Academy, which is part of the Sinai Temple. She also went to the John Thomas Dye School, Beverly Hills High School, and Bel Air Prep, where she graduated in 1991.

She then went to Santa Monica College and worked in the drama department at Beverly Hills High School. After that, she moved to Portland and went to Lewis & Clark College, where she got a degree in psychology in 1995. Monica started working in the White House in July 1995 as an unpaid intern in the office of Chief of Staff Leon Panetta.

In December of that year, she got a paid job in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. After ten years, she went back to school and got a master’s degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics.

Monica Lewinsky  Career

In 1995, after moving to Washington, D.C., Lewinsky was able to secure a position at the ‘White House Office.’ She once held a position working for the Chief of Staff in the White House.

The year after that, she was relocated to a new position at “The Pentagon,” which is located in Arlington County. After some time had passed, she appeared on the program ’20/20′ to give an interview. The program was hosted by Barbara Walters, and around 70 million people in the United States watched it.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth (2)

In 1999, Lewinsky launched her own brand of handbags under the name “The Real Monica, Inc.” These handbags were available for purchase in the states of California, New York, and London. In the end, she inked an endorsement agreement with ‘Jenny Craig worth a million dollars.

After that, she made a guest appearance on a segment of “The Tom Green Show in 2000.” Within the context of the presentation, it was depicted that she was going back to her hometown alongside the host of the show.

Since that time, she has worked to raise awareness about ‘Cyberbullying’ by giving talks about the topic on the platform ‘TED Talks’ as well as other social media websites.

Monica Lewinsky  Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth Monica Lewinsky’s net worth in 2022 will be $1.5 million. She has been making money for a long time, and it has been piling up since then. Monica got a nice advance of $500,000 for her autobiography, Monica’s Story, which came out in 1999.

She also got $1 million for her exclusive interview with Barbara Walters for the show 20/20. Because she was on this show, she was in the spotlight for a long time. In the year 2000, Monica Lewinsky became a spokesperson for Jenny Graig. In order to get $1 million, the deal said that Monical had to lose 40 pounds in just six months.

But Jenny Craig was the one who ended the contract early and paid Lewinsky only $300,000 instead of the $1 million she was supposed to get. If Jenny hadn’t broken the contract with her, Monica Lewinsky’s net worth would be higher.

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Monica Lewinsky  Personal Life

At least two people were in love with Monica Lewinsky. She doesn’t have any kids. Monica Lewinsky has never been in a relationship. Jeff Boggs and Monica Lewinsky were in a relationship (2000).

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth (2)

Bill Clinton is another person she met (1995 – 1996). About 40% of men say “I love you” to their partner for the first time in the first month of a relationship, but on average, men wait 90 days and women wait 134 days.

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Monica Lewinsky  Cars Collection

Monica has always loved cars, and with her $450,000 Monica Lewinsky salary, she has been able to turn her love into a career. She has some of the world’s most expensive and nicest cars. Her collection of cars consists of:

  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost costs $950,000.
  • Porsche 911 ($280,000)
  • Range Rover Autobiography (210 thousand dollars)
  • Lexus GX ($160,000)
  • Audi Q8 ($155,000)
  • BMW X9 ($150,000)
  • Toyota Vellfire ($130,000)

Besides this collection of very expensive cars, Monica also has a fair amount of money invested in real estate. Monica Lewinsky lives in Sacramento, California, in a very nice house. This house is 13,000 square feet and cost Monica Lewinsky $8 million USD to buy.

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Throughout her career, Monica Lewinsky has made numerous appearances on television, including in shows, interviews, and ads. In addition to that, she is the creator of her own line, which is known as “The Real Monica, Inc.” The brand only sells its namesake products in every region of the world. As of the month of September 2022, Monica Lewinsky has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Age is Monica Lewinsky at the Present Time?

Monica Lewinsky is now 48 years old after reaching that milestone today.

2. Did Monica Lewinsky Write a Book?

Yes. The book that Monica Lewinsky wrote is called “The Private Lives of the Three Tenors,” and that is its title.

3. When and Where Did Monica Lewinsky Make Her Debut?

She was born in the state of California, which is located in the United States.

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