Good Behavior Season 3: Why is Good Behavior Season 3 Canceled?

‘Good Behavior’ is an American drama television series that aired on TNT on November 15, 2016. The show is based on Blake Crouch’s ‘Wayward Pines novella series, Lett Dobesh. The show is about a con artist who is continuously getting herself into problems. What’s interesting is that she seemed to enjoy it. But then she hears something that will throw her life into disarray and place her in a relationship with a serial killer.

The principal character is the show’s most distinguishing trait. Michelle Dockery, who plays the protagonist, said of her character, “I think people relate with her,” according to Parade magazine. “We’re all determined to be the best version of ourselves in some manner, and the fact that she’s a scam artist, a robber, and an ex-drug addict is simply the magnitude of things.”

It’s just the human side of her, but she’s only trying to improve herself, and she’s flawed. She’s far from flawless, so I believe people empathize with her in the same way they do with Javier.”

Naturally, because of the show’s appetizing premise, it has been a hit with spectators, and critics have complimented it for being suspenseful and erotic, albeit manipulative at times.

Why is Good Behavior Season 3 Canceled?

According to sources, The basic, short, and extremely depressing answer is that the numbers were simply not high enough to warrant a third season. Season 2 had a 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and a total viewership of less than 600,000 per week.


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Those are poor results by TNT standards; in fact, they are poor results by any cable network standard. As much as we love this program (and we do!) we’re never going to sugarcoat anything for you here at CarterMatt, and the truth is that those ratings aren’t going to get shows renewed, especially in an era when there is a tonne of shows returning with low live+same-day viewership.

Its DVR stats were solid, but it only gets you so far. The best approach to monetize any series is through live viewers.

Good Behavior may go down as one of cable’s most intriguing cancellation mysteries because it was a show that should have been more successful than it was. It had everything going for it to be a mainstream hit, whether it was humor, personality, a story that was procedural enough that viewers could join in at any point, or even Dockery, a Downton Abbey star.


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It should have been a smash, and it’s still unclear why it wasn’t. Blame it on promotion, a difficult time slot, or simply a landscape with too much competition. It doesn’t matter who you blame, because the series is gone, and rather than playing the blame game, it’s best to recognize this series for what it was — wonderful fun, well-written, and deserving of a re-watch any day of the week. TNT can’t take away two killer seasons or a devoted fan base who wants it back.

Good Behavior Cast: Who is Engaged?

Michelle Dockery (‘Downton Abbey’) leads the cast of ‘Good Behavior,’ as the protagonist Leticia ‘Letty’ Raines. Juan Diego Botto plays Javier Pereira, a hitman with whom Letty gradually becomes entangled both personally and professionally. Lusia Strus plays Letty’s mother, Estelle Raines, who has custody of her child.

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Terry Kinney, best known for his performance in ‘Oz,’ plays Christian Woodhill, Letty’s parole officer who is frustrated by her lack of progress toward reformation. Letty’s son, Jacob Raines, is played by Nyles Julian Steele, while Estelle’s husband, Rob McDaniels, is played by Joey Kern, a high school acquaintance of Letty’s.


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Other recurrent cast members play important roles, such as Ann Dowd from ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ who plays an FBI agent determined to catch Javier. Mara Botto plays Javier’s sister Ava, but it is her ex-husband Silk, played by ‘Teen Wolf star Gideon Emery, who is crucial to Javier’s work because he is a mortuary worker who assists the hitman in disposing of the dead.

Good Behavior Plot and Series Summary

Letty Raines is a scam artist and crook whose life is always one wrong turn or bad decision away from implosion. That’s exactly how she likes it.

Letty Dobesh is a fresh-out-of-prison crook and con artist whose life is constantly one wrong turn and bad decision away from implosion, just the way she loves it. When she overhears a hitman being paid to murder a man’s wife, she sets out to sabotage the assignment, putting her on a collision course with the killer and entangling them in a hazardous and alluring relationship.

Good Behavior Trailer Details

While we wait for further information on ‘Good Behavior’ Season 3, watch the season 2 trailer to refresh your memory. If you haven’t seen the show yet, go to TNT and watch all of the prior seasons.

Good Behavior Age Rating

Good Behavior is classified as TV-MA, which means it is intended for adults and may be inappropriate for children under the age of 17. This program may contain crude inappropriate language, explicit sexual activities, or violent violence, among other things.

How Did Good Behavior Come to an End?

In the conclusion, “Letty Raines, In The Mansion, With The Gun,” she deals with killing for the first time, while Javier assists in the disposal of the dead. Given that Letty is a shambles at best, the guilt weighs heavily on her. She and Javier plan to leave with Teo’s narcotics for a fresh life in Los Angeles.


Letty Raines—a thief, scam artist, and drug user—is released from prison on good behavior, and is focused on reclaiming custody of her 10-year-old son Jacob. Letty’s mother, Estelle, has custody but is prohibited from having contact with her daughter by a restraining order. For more details visit our website

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