Jackie Siegel Net Worth: How Did She Get Her Start in the Modeling World?

Jackie Siegel is an American model, actress, and director of beauty pageants.   The Queen of Versailles, a film from 2012, is about her. Siegel went to the Rochester Institute of Technology and got his degree there.

She won the Mrs. Florida American beauty contest in 1993 and now owns and runs the contest. She started Westgate Resorts and Ocoee Thrift Mart, where she is on the board of directors. Jackie is married to David Siegel, who owns Westgate Resorts. She and David have eight children, one of whom, Victoria, died in June 2015. Jackie Siegel was on an episode of the ABC reality TV show Celebrity Wife Swap in the same month.

Early Years of Jackie Siegel’s Life

Jacqueline Mallery began her journey through this world on January 19, 1966, in the town of Endwell, New York. Jackie went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology after completing her high school education and graduated in 1989. She majored in computer engineering at RIT.

How Did Jackie Siegel Get Her Start in the Modeling World?

Jackie took first place at the Mrs. Florida America beauty pageant in 1993. Since then, she has taken over ownership of and directs the Mrs. Florida America beauty pageant.

When Siegel became one of the major topics of the 2012 documentary “The Queen of Versailles,” her career in entertainment officially began. The documentary focuses on the couple’s efforts to build the “Versailles house,” a gigantic residence. The recession of 2008 was just one of the significant challenges the couple had to overcome.

Construction is stalled as a result of the recession’s effects on David’s business, and the family makes every effort to save money. Jackie makes an effort to adapt to a new way of life with fewer income opportunities.

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The family continued to experience difficulties after the publication of “Queen of Versaille.” Westgate Resorts had a $1.2 billion debt to several lenders at one time. In the end, David Siegel bought the Versailles home altogether.

In a 2015 episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap,” Jackie made an appearance. In a “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” program, she and David also made an appearance. Jackie is a member of the boards of directors for Westgate Resorts and Ocoee Thrift Mart, the latter of which is a charity that she started. She also makes appearances in documentaries and reality TV shows. Helping Locals is a second nonprofit organization that Jackie started.

How Did the Queen of Versailles Make Her Money?

According to celebritynetworth David A. Siegel has a $50 million net worth. He worked in business, and that was how he earned a living. As President, he is in charge of the Westgate Resorts. He has a great deal of potential for financial success.

He has served as the CEO of Central Florida Investments Inc. since 1971. He is crucial to the organization CFI Resorts Management Inc., which reportedly employs more than 5,000 people. This business brings in a lot of money for him.

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Who is Jackie the Queen of Versailles Married to?

Jackie Siegel Net Worth

Jackie and David Siegel got married in 2000. They have had six kids together during the course of their relationship. Together, they adopted the seventh kid. Their oldest child, who was from David’s previous relationship, died at the age of 18 after overdosing on drugs.

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Who Owns the Queen of Versailles House?

The construction of the Versailles House lasted for well over ten years. It is one of the largest detached family homes in the United States, if not the largest, with a total square footage of 90,000.

It has a $100 million market value. Jackie stated on social media in 2018 that it would be finished in a year. The house will have 14 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms, 11 kitchens, a full-sized movie theatre, a roller rink, a bowling alley, and much more when (or if) it is ever finished.

A ballroom with a capacity of 500–1,000 persons is noteworthy. Another noteworthy feature is a wine cellar with 20,000 bottles. The residence will also have two elevators, one of which is gold. A 30-car garage will also be present.

There will be two outdoor pools in addition to the two indoor pools and a baseball pitch. Due to the fact that they are made from some of the last legally available Brazilian mahogany, the doors and windows alone are worth $4 million.


Jackie Siegel won the Mrs. Florida America beauty contest in 1993. She is married to David Siegel, who owns Westgate Resorts and Ocoee Thrift Mart. A 2012 documentary, The Queen of Versailles, is about her and her family.

Jackie Siegel is the CEO of CFI Resorts Management, which reportedly employs more than 5,000 people. She also owns the Versailles House, which will be one of the largest detached family homes in the U.S. with a total square footage of 90,000.

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