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Horacio Pagani Net Worth: Who is the Owner of Pagani?

Horacio Pagani is an Argentinian-Italian businessman, engineer, and auto executive. Horacio Pagani is best known as the founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A., an Italian company that makes high-end cars (also known as simply Pagani).

He has worked for both Lamborghini and Renault in the past. Horacio started Pagani in 1992. The Zonda was the first car he made after that. People have bought new Pagani cars for millions of dollars right away. Some very nice Paganis have sold at auction for between $10 and $20 million.

Early Years of Horacio Pagani’s Life

Horacio Pagani was born on November 10th, 1955 in Casilda, Argentina. He is an Argentine racing driver. Luca and Maria Pagani are his parents, and he is their son. Luca was an Italian baker who lived in Italy. Horacio started his education in the field of industrial design in 1974 when he enrolled at the National University of La Plata.

After that, he attended the National University of Rosario to pursue studies in mechanical engineering. Early in his career, Pagani began constructing models of automobiles out of balsa wood; some of the early models are currently on exhibit in the Pagani showroom.

Beginning of His Career

Horacio became interested in engineering while he was living in Argentina, but he thought that the rural area wasn’t the best place to start an engineering career. In 1977, he opened a store called the “factory” that was 80 square meters.

He was the only person working there, and his first job was to make high benches for a new bar in town. When Pagani was 20, he designed and built an F3 racer. In the early 1980s, he moved to Italy to pursue his dream of building a supercar.

Success in his Career

When Renault hired Pagani to improve the body of a racing car, he was finally recognized as a talented engineer. After he did well on a small scale, Pagani got a job with Lamborghini in Italy. He started out as a floor sweeper, but he was able to move up in the company.

Pagani became the head engineer and worked on many projects, including the P140, Diablo, and Countach Evoluzione concepts. He tried to get Lamborghini to buy an autoclave so that more carbon parts could be made for the Evoluzione. They said no because Ferrari didn’t have an autoclave and Lamborghini didn’t need one either.

Pagani took out a loan at the end of 1987 to buy his autoclave. In 1991, he left the company and started a business called “Modena Design” in San Cesario Sul Panaro. This business would later become Pagani Automobili, a small factory that makes cars by hand.

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After the death of the Argentinean driver, Pagani changed the name of his first car, the Fangio F1, to Zonda, which is the name of the wind that blows over the Andes. It took Pagani seven years to finish, and he showed it to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999.

Many special editions of the Zonda were made and sold for more than EUR 1 million each. When Pagani only made three Zonda HP Barchettas, a customer once paid 15 million euros for one.

A Zonda Revolucion model with an AMG V12 engine that made 800 horsepower came out in 2013 and cost a crazy EUR 2.2 million. Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has one of the limited-edition Pagani Zonda 760 Coupés, which are very popular and hard to get.

His second car, the Huayra, was built in 2011 and was based on sport prototype cars. It was named after the Incan wind god Huayra Tata.

Horacio Pagani Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth Horacio Pagani’s net worth as of 2022 is about $100 million. He founded Pagani and served as its CEO, and chief designer, which is how he acquired most of his income. His yearly salary is thought to be approximately $20 million.

His former employment with some of the most prominent automakers in the world, such as Renault and Lamborghini, has only increased his wealth. Later, he started his own business and sold beautiful sports vehicles for millions of dollars.

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Personal Life of Horacio Pagani

Horacio Pagani Net Worth (1)

Pagani and Cristina Pagani took a trip from South America to Europe after getting married. At the time of their divorce, they had been married for more than twenty years and had two children together, Christopher and Leonardo Pagani. Although there are many rumors about why they divorced in 2017 in an official manner.


It is clear that Horacio Pagani is one of the most prosperous and successful businesspeople, having made a sizable fortune from his enterprise. To succeed, he worked really hard and put up a lot of effort. He produced a lot of models, which improved his experience. This is the reason he has become the most successful businessman, with a yearly increase in both his income and net worth.

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