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What is the Release Date for Oddballs?

Oddballs is a funny animated show that’s coming your way. In this post, we’ll look at the Oddballs Netflix release date as well as all the other information we’ve gathered. Netflix has announced that a well-known YouTuber is making a new cartoon show that will be added to the service. Rallison’s YouTube channel gave me the idea.

They are also executive producers, along with Carl Faruolo and Michael Zoumas. James Rallison has almost 17 million people who follow his YouTube channel.

The channel has both live-action and animated videos about things like school, social media, and online games. Most of Rallison’s cartoons are based on things that happen to him and his friends. Many people find his videos entertaining and true to how they see the world.

Oddballs Release Date

Oddballs is an upcoming animated comedy TV show that will be streamed on Netflix. It was made by James Rallison and TV writer Ethan Banville. The show is based on TheOdd1sOut, Rallison’s YouTube channel.

Oddballls Release Date

According to imdb The series will start on October 7, 2022. It will be made by Netflix Animation and Atomic Cartoons.

Cast and Character

  • James Rallison as James
  • Julian Gant as Max
  • Kimberly Brooks as Echo
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Mr. McFly
  • Carl Faruolo as Stuart

About the OddBalls

James is a bubble-shaped boy whose observations of life give him material for his funny rants about small things that bother him and make them seem “laughably” silly. With the help of his best friends Max, a talking crocodile, and Echo, a girl who says she is from the future, James often gets into trouble when he tries to do something silly to question the norms.

It is an upcoming animated series that was made by James Rallinson and Ethan Banville for Netflix. The art for the animation was inspired by Rallinson’s TheOdd1sOut YouTube channel, which has over 18 million subscribers as of this writing.

Carl Faruolo and Michael Zoumas are also executive producers of the show, along with Rallison and Banville. Oddballs were made by Netflix Animation and Atomic Cartoons, which worked together to make it.

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Trailer for Oddballs

James, a kid who looks like a bubble, likes to ask questions about everything that bothers him. With his best friends Max, a talking crocodile, and Echo, a girl who says she’s from the future, he goes through a lot of strange things and learns a lot about life.


In the last section, we covered everything there is to know about Oddball, including its release date, trailer, and overall plot. Netflix has confirmed that the release date for oddballs will be October 7th, 2022.

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