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Melania Trump Net Worth: When She Became “First Lady” of the United States?

Melania Trump is a Slovenian model who became the first lady of the United States under the administration of Donald Trump. Melania is most known for being Donald Trump’s third wife. She married him in 2005. They tied the knot in 2005.

Melania Trump portrayed herself in the film “Zoolander,” which was released in 2001, and she also appeared on her husband’s NBC reality show, “The Apprentice,” from 2004 to 2015. She began her career as a model in Paris and Milan before migrating to the United States in 1996 to pursue modeling in New York City.

Early Life of Melania Trump

Melania Trump was given the Germanized name Melania Knauss after her birth name, Melanija Knavs, which took place on April 26, 1970, in Novo Mesto, SR Slovenia. Her mother, Amalija, worked as a patternmaker for a firm that specialized in children’s apparel, while her father, Viktor, was a manager for automobile and motorcycle businesses. She was the second of three children.

Melania was a frequent participant in fashion displays put on by Jutranjka, the company that employed her mother. She was raised in Sevnica alongside her sister Ines, and she has a half-brother who she has never had the opportunity to meet. Melania and Ines were christened as Catholics, despite the fact that their father Viktor was a member of the League of Communists of Slovenia, which advocated for atheism as the official state religion.

She attended Ljubljana’s Secondary School of Design and Photography before enrolling at the University of Ljubljana to study design and architecture. However, she left the university after only one year of classes.

When  Melania Started Modeling?

Melania started modeling when she was 5 years old, and when she was 16 she started posing for fashion photographer Stane Jerko and doing commercials. At the age of 18, she signed up with a modeling agency in Milan. In 1992, she came in second place in “Jana Magazine’s” “Look of the Year” competition.

In 1995, Trump met Paolo Zampolli, who was a co-owner of Metropolitan Models. He offered to represent her if she came to the U.S. After moving to Manhattan the next year, she lived with photographer Matthew Atamian in a Zeckendorf Towers apartment.

Melania Trump Net Worth (3)

This was set up by Zampolli. In January of that year, the French men’s magazine “Max” published sexually explicit pictures of Melania with another model, and she wore nothing but diamond jewelry on the cover of the January 2000 issue of “GQ.”

In 2010, Trump started a jewelry line called Melania Timepieces & Jewelry with QVC. She also made the Melania Skin Care Collection, but the companies that made the products stopped working with her in 2017. In 2016, she made between $15,000 and $50,000 in royalties from her businesses, which was shown in a financial report.

What is Melania Trump’s Net Worth 2022?

According to celebritynetworth Melania Trump has a $50 million net worth. Melania Trump is a Slovene-American businesswoman and former model. As the wife of President Donald Trump, she was the first lady of the United States. Melania Trump grew up in Slovenia.

Before moving to New York City in 1996, she worked as a fashion model through modeling agencies. Melania Trump is the first first lady who doesn’t speak English as her first language.

When Melania Became “First Lady” of the United States?

Melania Trump became the first lady of the United States on January 20, 2017. Her Secret Service code name is “Muse.” Because her son went to Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, she did not move into the White House until June 11. Melania had 11 staff members when she was the first lady, and she was only the second first lady to be born outside of the U.S. (the first was London native Louisa Adams).

Melania’s first event at the White House was a luncheon for International Women’s Day in March 2017. She talked about gender equality and her experiences as a woman who came to the United States from another country. During her time as the first lady, Melania focused on stopping online bullying with her “Be Best” campaign. Many people thought this was a bad idea because her husband is often mean on Twitter.

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Trump helped plan a state dinner for French president Emmanuel Macron in April 2018. The day before the event, she went to the National Gallery of Art with Macron’s wife, Brigitte. Melania went on a solo tour of four African countries in October of that year. During the trip, she fed baby elephants from a bottle, spent a day at a school in Malawi, and went to an orphanage in Nairobi.

Many children were taken away from their parents because of how the Trump administration treated illegal immigrants. Melania spoke out about this in June 2018, saying, “We need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart.” She said that she wants to see “successful immigration reform,” but she doesn’t like how the “Zero Tolerance” policy separates people.

On June 17, 2018, Melania went to the Upbring New Hope Children’s Shelter in McAllen, Texas, where 55 immigrant children were being kept. She met with social workers and medical staff and said she wanted to help get the kids back with their families.

How Long Have Melania and Donald Been Together?

Melania met Donald Trump at a party in 1998. They got married on January 22, 2005, and she wore a $200,000 Christian Dior dress. On March 20, 2006, Barron was born to Melania and Donald. He was baptized at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, where Melania and Donald got married.

Melania has lived in the United States permanently since 2001, and she became a citizen in 2006. In 2018, she went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for an embolization to treat a harmless problem with her kidney.

Melania Trump Net Worth (3)

In February 2017, Trump sued the British tabloid “Daily Mail” for $150 million because it had written an article that said she had worked as an escort when she was a model.

Melania said that the article made her miss out on “multimillion-dollar business relationships,” but she later changed the lawsuit to focus on her emotional pain instead. In April 2017, the “Daily Mail” took back what it said in the article, and a $2.9 million settlement ended the lawsuit.

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Melania Trump Assets Investments

Melania Trump has 10 houses, 5 cars, and 2 luxury yachts that she owns. Melania Trump’s list of assets also includes over $12 million in cash on hand. Melania Trump also owns 8 stocks that are worth $11 million and make up her investment portfolio. Here are some of the stocks that Melania Trump owns. See how much money Nancy Pelosi has.

  • Starbucks
  • DuPont
  • PepsiCo
  • Coca-Cola
  • Microsoft
  • Intel

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Melania Trump’s Cars

Melania Trump just spent $200,000 USD on an Audi RS Q8. Melania Trump also has a $750,000 USD McLaren 720S. Here is a list of some other cars that Melania Trump owns. Michelle Obama’s wealth is worth a look.

  • Volvo XC90
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Tesla Model X

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Melania Trump’s Age?

He or she is 51.

2. What Country Does Melania Trump Come From?

American, Slovenian, Yugoslavian.

3. What is Melania Trump’s Height Now?

5.9 feet tall (1.79 meters).

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