Galveston Greek Festival 2022: All About Greekfest Dates, Tickets, Food, Entertainment, and More!

Hellenism is celebrated at the 38th Annual Galveston Greek Festival in 2022 with food, wine, pastries, and dance. Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The celebration comprises two full days of Opa! and YaSou!, genuine cuisine produced onsite, Greek wines, Greek beer, bouzouki, a Greek DJ, dancing, vendors, presents, and tours of the Church.

Their parish priest, Father Stelios Sitaras, will provide instructive tours of the church. The general public is welcome to attend Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. The duration of the Service is around one hour.

Galveston Greek Festival: a Brief History

Galveston Greek Festival 2022: All About Greekfest Dates, Tickets, Food, Entertainment, and More!

IT ALL BEGAN WHEN… The earliest Greek immigrants to come to Galveston attended Sts. Constantine and Helen Church alongside Serbians and Russians. These courageous individuals, who were to become the nucleus of the current colony of Greek-Americans, deserve our highest praises not only for their bravery in coming to a new land, but also for their devotion to their faith, their high hopes for the future, and their ability to persevere in the face of all the difficulties they encountered during those first difficult years on foreign soil.

The chair of the 2021 Greek Festival is Mary Jo Naschke. The festival offers a culturally rich experience with the finest in cuisine, drink, entertainment, and history. The Greek Festival is a festival of Hellenism intended to welcome guests to a town steeped in heritage and bursting with warmth.

Galveston Greek Festival 2022 – Food & Drinks Details

The experience begins at the entry to the festival when you are greeted by the scent of freshly made pastries and the energetic voices of new and old acquaintances searching for unique presents. You begin to smell the enticing fragrances of traditional Greek street cuisine, such as souvlaki (shish kabob) and gyros (beef and lamb eaten in pita), which are grilled over coals and served ala carte with fresh pita bread under the backyard tent.

Galveston Greek Festival 2022: All About Greekfest Dates, Tickets, Food, Entertainment, and More!

Visit the beverage booth, where you may pick from Greek wines, Greek beer, soft drinks, and water, to complete your sensory experience. A whole Greek supper is available for $24 per plate and includes Pastitsio (baked pasta with beef), Tiropites (cheese puff triangles), Spanakopita (spinach triangles), Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Keftedes (meatballs), and Greek Salad with Olives & Feta. Prices range from $2 to $16 for à la carte souvlaki or gyros and sweets such as loukomades and baklava. Tickets are sold in $2 increments and are redeemable for food and beverages. Although admission is free, contributions are much welcomed.

After enjoying the dancing and a delectable dinner, visit the Loukoumades Booth, where bakers prepare your dessert to order as you watch. This sin-on-a-dish, which is the Greek counterpart of beignets, is loved by children of all ages. Loukoumades are a delicacy that cannot be overlooked. It may be served with honey, powdered sugar, or both. Don’t forget to swing by the Pastry Booth in the Community Center on your way out to fulfill your sweet taste for days after the event!

Baklava (phyllo dough with a honey nut filling), Melomakarona (spiced honey cookies with walnuts), Kourambiedes (shortbread cookies), Kouroulakia (twisted butter cookies), Paximadia (spiced biscotti), and Karidopita (walnut cake) can be purchased individually or in a variety of boxes.

Believe that nobody ever leaves the Galveston Greek Festival hungry!

Galveston Greek Festival 2022 – Events, Entertainment & Shopping

For the Galveston Greek Festival, souvenirs and items from Greece are chosen by hand. Icons, jewelry, Greek Christmas ornaments, soaps, gift boxes, and a great deal more make for fantastic gifts. Also available will be imported olive oil, olives, pasta, and other canned groceries. Since stocks are limited, do not delay in making your order!

Galveston Greek Festival 2022: All About Greekfest Dates, Tickets, Food, Entertainment, and More!

The tent in the backyard hosts Bouzouki and DJ performances.

As you are aware, the Greeks’ love of line dancing dates back more than 2,000 years. Therefore, we will urge you to dance as well. Not only is it a terrific method to digest your food and keep active, but it’s also a great way to make new friends with the individuals whose hands you’re holding while repeating the “step, kick, step, kick” of the Bouzouki Beat.

Greek Festival Galveston 2022 – Dates, Location, and Tickets: When is the Galveston Greek Festival?

  • Saturday, October 15th, 11 am – 7 pm
  • Sunday, October 16th, 12 noon – 5 pm


Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church


714 19th Street, Galveston, TX, 77550


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