Who is Devon Diep the New Cast Member of Bling Empire Season 3?

Devon Diep is the most recent cast addition to the hit Netflix reality program Bling Empire. Diep made her debut in a trailer for season 3, alongside two cast members from the previous season, which substantially increased the show’s glamour quotient.

Diep, a Vietnamese professional model, singer, and actress whose parents were immigrants, has worked her way into the million-dollar club. Her history, flair, and ascent to prominence make Diep one of the most notable previous and present cast members on the show.

Although her personal net worth is unknown, she is comparable to Anna Shay, whose net worth is approximately USD 600 million. In any case, it will be fascinating to observe Diep’s interactions with the wealthiest cast members of the Bling Empire.

In addition to her careers in modeling, acting, and singing, Diep apparently has a production firm called ALLS Production that concentrates on Asian-centric themes.

She appears in Bling Empire as Kevin Kreider’s ex-girlfriend. The Bling Empire season 3 trailer depicts Kreider before Diep, whom Christine Chiu hunted out and traveled to Paris to reunite with the attractive South Korean gentleman who founded Be More Matcha.

The clip depicts an astonished Kreider hugging Diep as the two engage in a lovely dialogue. Fans are naturally curious as to whether they will rekindle their romance during Bling Empire season 3 and feature in Bling Empire’s yet-to-be-approved but highly-awaited fourth season.

Here Are Many Interesting Facts About Devon Diep

Diep Had a Difficult Upbringing

Her parents fled Vietnam for the United States and eventually settled in Boston, Massachusetts.

“I frequently remind myself that my parents fled Vietnam with no money, had to learn a new language, and risked their lives so that we may have a brighter future than in Vietnam. I vowed to succeed and make them proud, she stated in Boston Man magazine in 2021.

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She describes the difficult circumstances her family endured. She would assist her siblings in operating the family general business while completing her studies as a child.

In addition, they had to fight off robbers. During one heist, her younger brother was beaten, and her father was held at gunpoint.

Devon Diep Has Gotten Training With Small Arms

Devon Diep stated in her Boston Man story that her father served in the Navy. She joined the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) and served for four years after being inspired by him.

She stated, “I have received professional training in the use of pistols, shotguns, and rifles and am a candidate for Massachusetts State Police Certified Firearms Instructor.”

Devon Diep is a Popular Model

Diep turned to a model in order to prosper and aid her family. When she won a local competition, she was presented with an opportunity. A talent agency then signed her up.

Diep’s beauty drew the attention of advertisers, and she went on to become the face of a number of well-known lifestyles, tech, and luxury fashion brands, including Clarins Paris, Estée Lauder, Donna Karan, Reebok, Disney, Bose, Toyota, Apple, Verizon, and AT&T.

Devon Diep Has Appeared in Films Alongside Chris Evans and Liam Neeson

Diep began acting in movies and TV shows while modeling for well-known brands. Ted (2012), The Heat (2013), and Snakehead are among her film credits (2021).

Who is Devon Diep the New Cast Member of Bling Empire Season 3 (1)

She has also participated in the miniseries Defending Jacob (2020) on Apple TV+ alongside Chris Evans, best known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters. Diep appeared in Honest Thief alongside Liam Neeson the same year.

Diep has also written and directed her own short film, Air, which has yet to be released.

Devon Diep is Also Well-known in the Music Industry

Diep has also dabbled in music. In reality, she has quickly established herself as a singer-songwriter.

One of her most well-known songs was the title song, “Green Dragon,” for the film Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014). The film, directed by Andrew Loo and Andrew Lau, was executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

“This opportunity arose when my friend informed me that he would be playing the White Tiger Boss in the film. While traveling the 6 train to my recording studio in NYC, I wrote the song for fun. “I was overjoyed when he told me the director and cast loved it and wanted it in the film and on the soundtrack,” she said in the Boston Man story.

She also stated that making her debut as a singer-songwriter at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was one of her proudest moments.

Diep has also performed the US National Anthem for the New York Mets and the Brooklyn Nets, both baseball and basketball teams, and has headlined the Bread & Roses Festival in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Devon Diep Runs a Youtube Channel as Well as Other Enterprises

Diep has a YouTube channel where she posts renditions of songs by Bonnie Raitt and Mariah Carey.

She has also written, produced, and directed songs, such as the video for “Do You Believe,” which Diep released ahead of the 2015 Christmas season.

Outside of showbiz, Diep owns and operates Diep Looks, a beauty business. She and her mother run another little business, Love Mama x Me.


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