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Bling Empire Season 3 Review: Should You Watch It or Not?

The American reality TV show Bling Empire came out on Netflix on January 15, 2021. The show is about the lives of rich, materialistic East and Southeast Asian-American socialites who live in the Los Angeles area. These people have been called “Crazy Rich Asians” in real life.

It is the first American reality TV show where the main characters are all East and Southeast Asians who live in the US. Netflix picked up the show for a second season on March 10, 2021. The second season premiered on May 13, 2022. On October 5, 2022, the third season began.

Bling Empire Season 3 Review: Should You Watch It or Not?

In the first shot, we fly over the freeway and land back at Anna Shay’s mansion in Beverly Hills, where she is talking with her friend Anna. Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Andrew shows up with gifts for Kelly, and he interrupts their conversation.

The main idea is that the reality show about very rich Asians and Asian Americans in Los Angeles is back with its third season on Netflix. Small fights between cast members are still the name of the game, even though some things from Season 2 are starting to have an effect.

What TV shows will you remember after watching this: Bling Empire is another show about rich people that is kind of like the Real Housewives franchise in that it shows off a lot of money. The Asian cultural twist makes it similar to Family Karma.

Bling Empire Season 3 Review

There are a few key things that make these kinds of reality shows work, like having interesting characters and stories that make an impact. Bling Empire has a good mix of interesting characters, from Kane’s meddling to Anna’s standoffishness to Christine’s eagerness to please. These characters interact with each other in fun ways that keep the show moving at a good pace.

But it’s not clear if the show will ever go beyond small fights between the cast members. Fair enough, that’s fine, and it’s why some people go to these shows. But I think reality shows can be a place to talk about real life in the communities they focus on.

For example, Family Karma used the chance to talk about how homosexuality is frowned upon in traditional Hindu homes and how different generations can learn to get along despite having different ideas. Bling Empire has a chance to go deeper into what it means to be rich in America while being seen as an immigrant, especially since many of the cast members made their money on their own, but so far it’s only focused on small, unimportant fights between the cast.

Bling Empire Episode Guide for Season 3

The third season of Bling Empire came out on Netflix on October 5. The list of episodes for the new season is below.

  • Episode 1: “Blast from the Past”
    “Andrew tries to make up with Anna at Guy’s anniversary party, which makes troubles for Kelly. During Jaime and Christine’s lunch, things get heated.”
  • Episode 2: “Gossip Guy”
    “Kelly is happy to find out that her first date is over spicy ramen. Christine and Gabe lose their cool at Mimi’s son Skyler’s birthday party.”
  • Episode 3: “Envy, Intrigue, and Escapes”
    “Kevin doesn’t like hearing that Kane is going to work with Fenty. Kelly gets a surprise when she goes to Mexico on the spur of the moment. Anna and Kim make up.”
  • Episode 4: “Making Up in Malibu”
    “Christine feels better after getting bad news when she gets a call from Dancing with the Stars. Kelly brings Kevin, Kim, and Kane to Malibu so they can talk about their problems.”
  • Episode 5: “There’s Something about Janice”
    There’s Something About Janice” Christine strikes poses that make photographer Tyler Shields nervous.”

Bling Empire Season 3 Review

  • Episode 6: “Achy Reiki Heart: Kelly wants to spend more time with her mom, so she invites her to Mimi’s birthday party in San Francisco. Kevin goes on a date.”
  • Episode 7: “”Crash and Burn
    “Christine talks about old problems. Kevin runs into a problem and has an emotional talk with his cousin about it. Things get tense on a girls’ trip to Joshua Tree.”
  • Episode 8: “The Truth about Kim”
    “Kevin and Kelly try to sell Don and Mimi on their drinks that don’t have any alcohol in them. Kim comes to Kane’s party with a hot date and some harsh truths.”
  • Episode 9: “Kevin in Paris”: “Christine and Kevin go to Paris Fashion Week in style, where Kevin is impressed by the high life and Christine runs into Jamie in an awkward way.”
  • Episode 10: “The One That Got Away”: “Christine helps Kevin and his ex-girlfriend Devon get back together in Paris. Kane talks about his big moves in his career, and Kevin celebrates six years of being sober.”

Bling Empire Season 3 Cast

In Bling Empire, Kevin, Kim, and Kane were surprised.
Over the course of three seasons, a core group of characters has become the show’s main focus, and they are likely to stay that way in the episodes to come. These are the most important people in Bling Empire.

People are also used to seeing fashion star Jaime Xie and Christine’s husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, on canvas. Dorothy Wang and Don and Mimi Morris were also introduced last season, but we only know for sure that Don and Mimi will be in the new episodes for now.

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