Episode 9 of “House of the Dragon”: Explained Trailer What Do Otto and Alicent Have Planned for Rhaenyra and Daemon?

When Viserys I Targaryen breathed his last in King’s Landing, the trumpets had blown, the allegiance had been sworn, and the air was thick with the stench of war. The chaos and mayhem that were about to ensue after the death of the King are hinted at in the trailer for “Green Council,” the ninth episode of “House of the Dragon.” The unavoidable had taken place. The Greens, led by Alicent and Otto Hightower, and the Blacks, led by Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen, were the two groups that made up the realm.

According to the evidence, it may be stated that Viserys’ final few murmured words deceived Alicent into thinking something false, which ultimately led to the start of the war. Then again, we are aware that this isn’t totally accurate. Viserys’ passing just served as a spark in a long-standing conflict between the Greens and the Blacks. In order to understand what is actually happening in Westeros and who will eventually hold the Iron Throne, let’s dissect what was shown in the 9th episode trailer and the glimpses we were given.

The Iron Throne can be seen in the opening moments of the “House of the Dragon” Episode 9 teaser. It’s possible that the dreary surroundings represented approaching calamity. The gloominess foretold the struggle for dominance that would take place internally. Then, we see Alicent sitting on a chair with her two closest associates, Ser Criston Cole and Otto Hightower, standing on either side of her, seemingly guarding the Queen’s interests.

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Otto and Criston Cole appear ready to take matters into their own hands, while Alicent appears stressed. The King is dead, according to Otto. Otto might be speaking to the small group that Grand Maester Munken referred to as the Green Council and that had been convened as soon as Alicent learned of her husband’s passing.

The “Fire and Blood” book claims that in addition to Alicent, Otto, and Criston Cole, there were five other members of the small council: Grand Maester Orwyle, Lord Lyman Beesbury, Ser Tyland Lannister, Master of Ships, Larys Strong, a.k.a. The Clubfoot, and Lord Jasper Wylde. Beesbury was the only steadfast supporter of Rhaenyra in the council. Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: House of the Dragon’s Calamitous Ambition

Grand Maester Orwyle allegedly gave everyone the advice to ring King’s Landing’s bells right away to let everyone know that their King had passed away. A crow must be sent right away to Dragonstone to inform Rhaenyra about her father’s passing, he said. Otto Hightower, however, intervened and made it crystal clear to the council that no talk of the King’s death would be allowed until Aegon II Targaryen had been seated.

Alicent claims in the teaser that the King told her he wanted Aegon to rule after him. Alicent interpreted Viserys’ last words to her advantage. Suddenly, what she’d told Rhaenyra at the last family dinner didn’t matter. She’s presumably telling Otto what Viserys said in this clip. In his absence, the Hand of the King could sit on the Iron Throne. Otto runs King’s Landing in the trailer. Otto Hightower says the door will remain closed until succession is determined. Grand Maester Orwyle warned Otto and Alicent about their treachery at this time. Aegon II on the Iron Throne would lead to war, he said. Alicent, Otto, and even Criston Cole said Rhaenyra would never rule on the Iron Throne.

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Otto tells an unnamed man no one can know who he is or what he’s doing. Maybe he sent him to apprehend Aegon’s bastard (presumably the white-haired boy in the trailer), or maybe he tasked him with finding Aegon and keeping him safe until the dust settled. We don’t know who this man was, but the mission’s priority suggests he was important.

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Next, Rhaenys struggles to open a door. A bunch of maids, including the one that met Mysaria in Episode 8, are taken captive. Lord Corlys Velaryon and Princess Rhaenys Velaryon backed Rhaenyra and Daemon. Otto may have held Rhaenys captive after seeing her take Rhaenyra’s side when Driftmark’s succession was discussed in the last episode. Larys Strong informs Alicent something she should know in one scene. Next, we see a child who may be Aegon’s illegitimate child.

Ser Criston Cole will likely execute Lord Beesbury, who called Alicent and Otto’s conduct “treason” on Princess Rhaenyra’s behalf. The book gives three separate narratives of what occurred to Lord Beesbury after he criticized the Greens. According to Grand Maester Orywle, Otto kidnapped and imprisoned Lord Beesbury, where he died. Septon Eustace says Criston Cole stabbed him when he spoke against the Queen. Mushroom alleges he was tossed out of a window by Criston Cole and perished on iron spikes below. Ser Arryk Cargyll and Ser Erryk Cargyll .

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ere King’s Guard twins. The brothers reportedly fought for different sides. In the trailer, one of them catches Aegon. Ser Criston Cole reportedly found the would-be King in a rat pit in Flea Bottom. One twin is seen arguing in an unusual scene. We speculate that the person’s competing allegiances led to a confrontation.

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Next, commoners congregate at the Dragonpit, which could hold thousands of people. Rhaenys’s backdrop line reflects the human yearning for power. Even the noblest people have envisioned sitting on the Iron Throne, she says. Rhaenys once competed. This time was more important. Aegon II Targaryen would wear his namesake’s crown. In the trailer, we didn’t notice any rubies on the iron crown. Ser Criston Cole crowned Aegon, and Queen Alicent gave her title to Helaena. Ser Steffon Darklyn stole Viserys’ crown and gave it to Daemon and Rhaenyra in Dragonstone.

A queen did what she thought was right, and a princess felt her rights were being taken. Both were so staunch in their beliefs that they wouldn’t budge. Episode 8 of “House of the Dragon” hinted for reunion, but fate intervened. Rhaenyra and Alicent weren’t awful people, but their histories no longer mattered. Though Mushroom claimed to know everything, he wouldn’t have known that two women would decide the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. Growing political tensions and war clouds above King’s Landing make the final two episodes of “House of the Dragon” season 1 intriguing.

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