Paradise City Movie: What is the Paradise City Release Date?

Coming soon to theatres in the United States of America, Chuck Russell will helm the action movie Paradise City, which was written by Corey Large and Edward John Drake. It features Praya Lundberg, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta in starring roles.

Saban Films is in the process of making preparations for the movie’s release in the United States. “Paradise City” is a crime drama that packs a significant punch despite being classified as an independent film.

Release date of Paradise City

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paradise City will be released to theaters, digital, and on-demand on November 11, 2022. Chuck Russell, who also co-wrote the script with Corey Large and Edward Drake, is the director of the new movie. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the movie, which stars both Willis and Travolta, would be rated R for violence and language.

Paradise City Movie

On November 11, 2022, Paradise City will be made available in theatres, online, and on demand just in time for Thanksgiving. However, until then, you can watch the exciting new tropical trailer down below.

What Will Be the Plot of Paradise City?

In Paradise City, Willis plays bounty hunter Ian Swan, who is shot and thought to be dead after he goes missing in the rough blue waters of Maui. Swan’s son Ryan, who is played by Blake Jenner, and his ex-partner, who is played by Stephen Dorff, join forces with a local detective, who is played by Praya Lundberg, to find the people who killed Swan.

But when a cruel and ruthless power broker, played by the famous John Travolta, threatens Ryan and his team, they find that they may be at the end of their rope. But when the three get to Paradise City, a guarded and isolated island community, they will meet an unexpected ally who could change everything.

Paradise City Cast

Several legendary actors appear in the new movie, but Willis and Travolta stand out as they both appeared in the seminal Quentin Tarantino picture Pulp Fiction in 1994. In Paradise City, it appears that the two will come into closer and potentially more deadly touch. Other casts are the following:

Is There Any Trailer for Paradise City?

Saban Films just put out a new trailer for Paradise City, a new action movie that is sure to make you love Bruce Willis even more than you already did in Die Hard. The new trailer gives us a look at the new action movie, which is set in a beautiful place and stars some of the best-known actors in the genre, like Bruce Willis, who just left the business.

The new trailer gives plenty of clips from gun fights and running shots down picturesque beaches as it teases the iconic meeting of two such amazing talents. The trailer finishes with a shot of the two engaged in a gunfight while each is pointing their weapons in the other’s direction.

Travolta’s character utters the phrase “You’ve been chasing me for ten years.” Willis responds in his trademark casual, action-hero way, “I’m a touch OCD. And so a shootout of (likely) epic proportions gets started.

Other Information

The announcement of Paradise City came fifteen years later, in May 2021. In Maui, Hawaii, filming started on May 17, 2021, and it was finished three weeks later. Tracy Bennett, the Maui County Film Commissioner, said: “Normally, it takes about three months of preparation for a huge action film like [Paradise City], but they finished it in just two weeks.

Paradise City Movie

Due to the short notice, there were certain limitations on this one, so they had to constantly revise the script. They could not film exactly where or what they wanted to.” The June casting announcement included Blake Jenner and Stephen Dorff. One of the final movies in which Willis appeared was Paradise City. After receiving an aphasia diagnosis, he decided to stop performing. Oliver Trevena was scheduled to make an unspecified appearance by September 2022.

In Paradise City, Bruce Willis Returns to Hollywood to Face Off Against John Travolta

The official plot summary says that Bruce Willis plays a bounty hunter, and John Travolta plays a ruthless power broker. Together, they go on a bloody rampage in Maui. The trailer shows that the movie is full of jokes and crazy stunts.

Bruce Willis and John Travolta are briefly seen talking to each other in a pub. Travolta asks Willis, “Are you dangerous?” as they take each other’s temperatures. Willis says that he is not one of his “friends.” The actor from Face/Off says, “Well, that’s too bad because I already have enough friends.”

The script for Paradise City was changed over and over again because they had trouble finding a good place to shoot. Even though there were problems, filming started on May 17, 2021, and ended three weeks later.

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