Why Did Jordan River Quit Mai FM?

Jordan and Tegan, the humorous hosts of Mai FM’s morning show, are solely responsible for the program’s popularity. Mai FM has been New Zealand’s most popular and well-known morning program for many years.

Unfortunately, Jordan recently stated that he will be departing the show, which has already saddened a great number of viewers. We will miss the way Jordan began the conversation by relating a story about someone who clearly had a harder commute to work than you.

Numerous viewers and supporters are curious about the cause behind Jordan’s departure from the show, and this is evident on numerous internet discussion sites. This article will provide additional information on the broadcaster Jordan River and his channel, Mai FM. Then, we shall analyze the potential causes behind Jordan River’s departure from Mai FM.

Who is Jordan River?

Jordan River is a journalist and radio broadcaster from New Zealand. He hosted the morning show on Mai FM New Zealand. However, we are unaware of his age or origins, as the journalist has never released his exact age or date of birth online. He does not inform his social media followers about the specifics of his birthday celebrations.

Additionally, he has avoided revealing his childhood or birthplace online. We do not know for certain, but he may have been born in Auckland, New Zealand, or nearby.

Jordan was born to perform. For his breakout performance in the film Born To Dance, he was nominated for a Tui award for best-supporting actor. He has also worked as a comedian, presenter, and broadcaster, and is currently one of the presenters of one of Auckland’s most popular morning radio programs, The Mai Morning Crew. The Panthers, an upcoming television production, will feature his most recent work.

What Exactly is Mai FM?

Mai FM is New Zealand’s largest urban current radio network, in addition to promoting the Mori language and culture. Additionally, it plays hip-hop and rhythm and blues. It is headquartered in Auckland and available in eleven locations across the nation. The network targets listeners between the ages of 15 and 34 and attracts approximately 382,300 new listeners every week.

Why Did Jordan River Quit Mai FM

MediaWorks New Zealand will acquire control of the station on March 31, 2008, as announced on February 29, 2008. Since MediaWorks assumed control, there have been significant broadcasting and branding changes, as well as the establishment of the Mai FM network.

Why Did Jordan River Quit Mai FM?

Unfortunately, Jordan River recently announced his departure from Mai FM. He stated in an interview as he resigned from the station that he expected to be around for a while and desired to be around for a while.

Netizens had an entirely different interpretation of Jordan’s resignation from the program than his stated rationale: Jordan believes Mai FM is headed in a new direction, and he does not wish to be a part of it. In many open online communities, there is also the belief that he may be leaving the program due to allegations of physical abuse.

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According to one user, over fifty women have purportedly filed complaints and shared supporting documentation online. These stories are publicly accessible online, yet there are no news reports from credible sources. Although Jordan has kept an unbiased posture in his statement, neither confirming nor denying the web allegations, he has stated that he is receptive to feedback and will continue to improve.

How Old is the Jordan River?

Jordan River, a journalist from New Zealand, appears to be between 30 and 35 years old based on his appearance and professional accomplishments.

Why Did Jordan River Quit Mai FM

However, the journalist has never posted his exact age or date of birth online. He does not provide followers with views of his birthday festivities on social media.

Friends and coworkers do not appear to have publicly wished the radio host a happy birthday on social media since he has kept his date of birth concealed from internet users.

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Who is Jordan River’s Wife?

Jordan River has not presented his wife to the world, but he has a son named Wolf.

Wolf, River’s son, was born on September 21, 2020, but his mother’s identity remains unknown.

Jordan may have previously had a meaningful connection with his partner, but he has never acknowledged his romantic life in public.

Likewise, he does not share any photographs of himself online with his girlfriend or partner. As of 2022, he looks to be a single father, as he is unmarried and has not disclosed his relationship status.

He may, however, be quietly dating someone and wanting to keep his relationship off the internet to escape media attention and enjoy his romantic life in peace.

What is Jordan River’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Jordan River’s true net worth is unknown, however, he may be worth over $500,000.

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