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The Top 5 Key Factors In Ditching Streaming & Reverting To Cable

The large number of streaming services that are now available for customers has made it difficult to analyze the ongoing benefits of streaming services. This, added on with poor internet services, are making people revert back to cable services. People often used to switch from cable TV to streaming services that were either a one-time cost or subscription-based. However, now people are switching back to cable TV because of the high streaming costs and the limited features allowed by some providers, on top of the issue mentioned above. However, this is not the case with quality service providers like Windstream internet; one of the reliable names in internet services providers list.

With good, lag-free internet, you can win with streaming too. Streaming is the number one choice in the far future. Thus, while it is a wise choice to shift to cable if you want a variety of news, music, and entertainment channels, streaming allows you to have control over what you watch, when you watch it, and how, i.e. shifting to different screens with just the help of a Wi-Fi connection. Streaming has actually gone big in various areas with live content just like cable on subscription bases, like with Sling or YouTube TV. However, should you ditch streaming for cable? You should, but on logical bases of usage.

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons, enough to convince you why going back to Cable TV is a smart idea. As cable TV is a better and more reliable idea nowadays if you need a variety of content. However, streaming is still going mainstream for people who want control over what they watch.

Many Cable TV options give more value for money:

Talking of the past, streaming services were a lot more cost-efficient due to the high prices of cable TV. However, now things are different, as the prices of technology have been increasing tremendously. Cable TVs are now much more affordable compared to streaming devices.

Following are some of the most affordable Cable TV as well as streaming plans:

  • Sling is a live streaming provider rendering its services at $35-$50
  • Xfinity is a cable TV provider starting from $49.99-$59.99
  • Spectrum is a cable TV provider starting from $34.99-$49.99
  • YouTube is a live TV streaming platform giving its services from $34.99-$64.99
  • Optimum is a cable TV provider giving services at $30-$115

It is here to be noted that these prices can vary at different locations and they are subject to change.

Cable TV offers more channels:

Anyone can tell that you get many more channels on Cable TV than on streaming services. The number of channels can sometimes be double or even thrice the number on streaming platforms. One downside here is the restricted locations, as you do not get access to all the channels when you move to different areas in the United States.

Cable TV, however, does not restrict you from channels in any specific domain such as those related to sports, entertainment, and movies of your interest.

Following are some of the streaming providers that are worth buying because of having a massive number of channels:

  • Verizon has 425 channels
  • Optimum caters to 420 channels
  • Xfinity has 185 channels
  • Fubo TV has 210 channels
  • DirecTV stream has 340 channels

From here we can note down that there does not exist a big difference in the number of channels provided by cable TV or streaming services and in some cases the figures are right at the same point.

Record your desired content on TV:

Television has all the channels that you might be interested in watching. Whether that is a movie or any other show. You can always record the content that you want to watch during your busy time and then watch it when you are free from your daily routine work.

You can also avail of the ON-demand service of different TV providers as some of them offer you different shows when you place an order for them. You can watch them at any particular time at your convenience.

Wi-Fi does not remain an issue to stream:

Wi-Fi is a big concern for customers of streaming services. It can occur lagging in the channel at an important time if the signals are not strong and that is no doubt a disaster. For example, you are watching a sports final and you miss an important scene due to an unreliable internet connection.

When you switch back to Cable TV you would be free from these thoughts because streaming would no longer require an internet connection.

The cost of smart TV and streaming devices can be avoided:

Cable TV does not require having a smart TV or any streaming device and you can binge-watch any channel of your choice without having to buy a smart TV to view that content. This is a big cost saving which you can further invest in upgrading your cable TV services. Or you can use that money to pay the fees of cable TV services which mainly include:

  • Rental fees
  • Fees for Digital video recorder service
  • Fees for broadcasting local channels in that area
  • Regional sports fees

This is why you should say goodbye to streaming and get yourself connected to Cable TV again:

  • More value for money compared to streaming services
  • Twice or thrice the number of channels giving you more options to watch
  • All your desired content is available
  • No Wi-Fi restrictions
  • No need to buy a smart TV or streaming device

End Note

Hence, these options are enough to give you an idea of why in this time of rising costs, it will be efficient to switch back to your cable TV providers. Rather than sticking to streaming services.

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