Review and Recap of Love in Contract Episode 7: Ji-ho Begins to Discern Sang-eun

South Korean director Nam Sung-woo and writer Ha Gu-dam collaborated on the romantic comedy-drama

Love In Contract, also known as MonTuesWedThursFriSat. Leading roles in the series are played by Park Min-young, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Jae-young, and Kang Hyung-suk. Love In Contract Episode 7 has a duration of 66 minutes and is one of the 16 episodes in the series.

The opening scene of Love In Contract Episode 7 shows Ji-early ho’s years. Ji-ho had to move in with his aunt’s household after his father perished in a storm at sea. Ji-aunt, ho’s who already had three children, had to assume responsibility for him as well. She encouraged him to hold back on speaking whatever came to mind and to not go to others for support because they are not his family. As a result, Ji-ho developed into a man who lacks self-expression.

Love In Contract Episode 7 : Ji-ho Membuka Diri Untuk Sang-eun

As soon as Sang-eun woke up at Ji-apartment ho’s with a hangover, she had to labor for Hae-jin. She feels uncomfortable as she recalls kissing Ji-ho. She eventually passes out, though, and Hae-jin takes her to his house. Ji-ho begs Hae-jin to bring Sang-eun to his house since he doesn’t trust the latter. Ji-ho and Hae-jin end up sitting together till Sang-eun wakes up because neither of them trusts the other.

Gwang-nam is instructed by Madame Yoo to purchase expensive fruits for her, and he makes it obvious to her that they should be in charge of their own spending. To control her spending, she offers him her pricey tweed jacket. Sang-eun finds Ji-ho uncomfortable at dinner because she can’t get over their kiss. He declines when she asks if he remembers anything.Love in Contract Episode 7: What is the Release Date and Time of Love in Contract Episode 7?

Ji-ho appears to be annoyed by Sang-regular eun’s business meetings with Hae-jin. Ji-ho just shares supper with Sang-eun while Hae-jin takes her on a yacht and horseback riding. Ji-ho feels at ease with Sang-eun and confides in her about his work-related issues. Every day, Sang-eun helps him choose an outfit and offers to advice.

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Sang-adoptive eun’s father is approached by Madame Yoo, who requests that he accept Sang-eun back into the family. She bemoans how miserable her life has become and demands that they both accept blame. Sang-eun is merely thrilled to buy a necktie for Ji-ho and is blissfully unaware of everything. She becomes angry, though, when she realizes Ji-ho already owns the same necktie.

On her way home, Sang-eun runs into Hae-jin and gives him the necktie. Hae-jin is delighted because he believes Sang-eun gave him a gift. He displays the necktie to his followers and explains that his fiancée gave it to him. He even wears it to the award ceremony because he believes Sang-eun wanted him to win. Since he revealed that he has a fiancee, his popularity has only grown. Married to Medicine Season 9 Episode 15: Where Can I Watch Episode 15?

Love In Contract, Season 7, Finale

When Ji-ho hears his coworkers talking about Hae-girlfriend jin’s and sees him wearing the tie that Sang-eun gave him, he becomes envious. His coworkers are doubting their relationship, so he calls Sang-eun and asks for an urgent meeting. After spending the evening together, they spend the evening at Ji-house. ho’s Ji-ho admits to Sang-eun that he only has one drink and is concerned that she won’t like him. For the first time, he communicates his emotions, and Sang-eun is overjoyed.

Review of Love in Contract Episode 7

The seventh episode of Love in Contract is a charming one since Ji-ho has begun to comprehend his feelings. He is now finally displaying his love, care, and jealousy for Sang-eun. Because of her love for him, Sang-eun can relate to his difficulty expressing himself. But as they spend more time together, Ji-ho starts to open up more.

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