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Megyn Kelly Net Worth: How Much Does She Make Yearly?

Megyn Kelly is a political pundit and television broadcaster. Megyn Kelly has had a successful and lengthy career as a TV news anchor, host, and correspondent. Megyn Kelly has previously worked for well-known cable news networks like Fox News and NBC News.

She was listed among the top 100 global influencers by Time magazine in 2014. Kelly’s reputation was tarnished by controversy while she worked for NBC, prompting her to leave the network and now only use her own personal Instagram and YouTube social media accounts.

Megyn Kelly Early Years

Megyn Marie Kelly was born in Champaign, Illinois, on November 18, 1970. Megyn was raised in a Catholic home in Syracuse before moving with her family to Albany, New York when she was nine years old. When Megyn was 15 years old, her father, a professor at the State University of New York at Albany, went away after a heart attack.

Megyn Kelly attended the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University after finishing high school. She graduated from this university with a bachelor’s in political science before moving to Albany Law School in 1992. In 1995, Kelly earned her Juris Doctor and began working as an associate at a prestigious Chicago legal firm. After that, she spent nine years working for the big multinational law firm Jones Day.

Megyn Kelly Career

Megyn Kelly was successful in the legal field, but her television career really took off in 2003. She started her career in Washington, D.C., with an ABC station. Kelly covered the 2004 presidential election among other things. She was hired by Fox News a year later and made her debut on programs like Special Report with Brit Hume. She was a great addition to the news team because of her legal knowledge, and Kelly’s Court was the name of the show she hosted.

Megyn Kelly began her career as a fill-in anchor and frequently participated as a panelist on programs like The O’Reilly Factor and On the Record. Megyn Kelly started presenting her own program, America Live, in 2010.

Megyn Kelly Net Worth

Megyn Kelly took maternity leave in 2012, but she came back in 2013 to headline a brand-new program called The Kelly File. This program would grow to be one of Fox’s most-watched, consistently receiving the top ratings on Fox News.

Megyn Kelly started working for NBC News in 2017 after her contract with Fox was over. She first became well-known for her interviews with notable individuals, such as Vladimir Putin. She held a position at NBC known as a “triple role.” As part of this position, she would serve as a correspondent, and host her own talk show, Megyn Kelly Today, and a unique Sunday night program, Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly’s tenure with NBC was brief because she was forced to resign in 2018 as a result of making divisive remarks.

Megyn Kelly Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth Megyn Kelly are a political pundit and television broadcaster with a $45 million fortune. Megyn Kelly has had a successful and lengthy career as a TV news anchor, host, and correspondent. Megyn Kelly has previously worked for well-known cable news networks like Fox News and NBC News.

Settle for More, Megyn Kelly’s autobiography was published in 2016. After Kelly negotiated a contract with HarperCollins that is said to be worth more than $10 million, the book was published by HarperCollins.

Megyn Kelly Salary

Megyn Kelly eventually earned a high pay of $8 million annually while working for Fox News. She was right up there with folks like Tucker Carlson in terms of top-paid employees at the network because of her compensation.

Megyn Kelly’s compensation, however, increased dramatically as a result of her decision to join NBC. Although some stories claim that she was actually being paid between $15 million and $20 million per year at NBC, her three-year deal was worth $69 million, or the equivalent of $23 million per year.

Megyn Kelly Controversy

Even in the early stages of her Fox News career, Megyn Kelly was no stranger to controversy. Kelly angered viewers of The Kelly File when she categorically labeled Jesus and Santa Claus as “white.” Kelly gained notoriety for her sparring sessions with Donald Trump in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential elections. She once presided over a discussion in which Trump was criticized for not having the right temperament to be president.

Megyn Kelly Net Worth

The remarks that led to Kelly’s termination from NBC were by far her most divisive ones. She suggested that using blackface as part of a Halloween costume was permissible in a Megyn Kelly Today show.

Megyn Kelly Personal Life

Daniel Kendall and Megyn Kelly were married for the first time in 2001. Megyn Kelly separated from the anesthesiologist five years later. She wed Douglas Brunt, the CEO and president of the cybersecurity company Authentium, in 2008. The pair has had three kids throughout their marriage. Brunt has subsequently started writing novels.

Megyn Kelly’s Political Opinion

Megyn Kelly has a strong political opinion, although she doesn’t endorse either the Democratic or Republican parties. She has acknowledged having voted for both Democratic and Republican presidents in the past and now describes herself as an Independent. Additionally, Megyn Kelly has lived her entire life as a Catholic and identifies as such.

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Megyn Kelly’s NBC Contact Scandal

Many believed Kelly would lose the majority of this expensive deal because she was fired from NBC after making some contentious statements just one year after joining.

Megyn Kelly appeared ready for a protracted legal struggle after her firing, which was unfortunate for NBC. According to early reports, NBC was prepared to “get rid” of her by paying her the entire $69 million remaining on her three-year contract. Later sources claimed that Kelly’s true severance compensation was far less, somewhere about $30 million.

In any case, the entire fiasco led to a significant uproar in the journalism industry. Kelly severely ruined her reputation as a serious journalist in just one year at NBC, but she still managed to make at least $30 million, more than most journalists can hope to make in a lifetime. In addition, Kelly was able to get out of a crucial provision of her contract, which prohibited her from accepting job offers from other networks after leaving NBC.

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She managed to come out on top with an outstanding severance package and then went on to establish a thriving YouTube channel despite completely ruining her reputation and severely harming the reputation of the network.

Kelly has experienced something that so few people are able to overcome, but despite all the odds, she is still in the spotlight and is thought to have a net worth of $45 million. The Megyn Kelly Show, Kelly’s most recent podcast, was released in September of 2020, and it soon rose to the top of the political podcast charts.

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