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At the Bts “Yet to Come” Concert in Busan, Kim Seok-jin Revealed a Secret Album.

For the audience, there have been several interesting updates to the BTS “Yet to Come” concert. We are here to explain why if you couldn’t make it to the concert.
The popular BTS band is hosting a free concert called “Yet To Come: in Busan” to support South Korea’s bid for the World Expo 2023.

The group’s members had fun entertaining their audience. The concert was held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium in Busan, South Korea, on October 15, 2022.

With more than 100,000 attendees, the concert was one of the biggest ever held in the entire world. Let’s learn more about the group members’ announcements.

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At the “Yet to Come: in Busan” concert, Jin made a solo album announcement.
Is it really true that Jin will only be releasing a single album? It’s fantastic to hear that there is a hidden album, even though the personality didn’t tell much about what will be happening soon.

Jin also talked about his ailment. Added that he had a sore throat for a good week and was somewhat concerned about singing. The individual is prepared to release his sole album.

And if you recall, the record release for J-Hope was a huge hit. That essentially guarantees that Jin’s album will be a huge hit.

The group’s senior member made the announcement, “I have a new record coming out. Not a big deal, really. There is just one. I got to work with someone I genuinely adore. I hope you enjoy the information I have for you because I have a lot to share.

Geffen Records, BTS American record label, recently tweeted that something pertaining to BTS is “coming soon.” And now we are aware of its purpose. He mentioned collaborating with someone he has long liked and the impending release of his solo record.

The personality added that he is halfway done because most of the stuff has been finished and only a small amount remains.

Jin is Going Into the Military.

According to South Korea‘s defense minister, who said in August that BTS might still be permitted to play worldwide while in the military, Jin will shortly reach 30 and will be forced to serve in the country’s military.

“We will overcome whatever happens to us in the future and perform with you guys and develop music if the seven members of BTS feel the same way and if you guys have faith in us. Please have faith in us, urged RM of BTS.

Jin once said, “I chatted with the company a lot and entrusted them with all military service-related tasks.”

The BTS members have currently given the agency control over their military duty, it was further noted. BTS has already stated repeatedly that it will answer the nation’s call to duty, and they have not modified its stance on this.

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The military service policy has, however, been slightly modified, and the members are currently keeping an eye on the situation while speaking with the corporation since they are encountering unexpected modifications to the Military Service Act.

The agency informed BTS that it was hesitant to make a decision on their military duty after the new change to the Military Service Act was presented, and the BTS members maturely accepted this and left the subject in the company’s hands.

To put it more clearly, the policy on military duty is evolving, and it is true that BTS members are struggling as a result of their inability to forecast when their military service would begin. The BTS members and the corporation are currently closely monitoring the proposed revision because it is difficult for them to make arrangements.

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