G-Eazy Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Personal Life, and Much More!

Gerald Earl Gillum is an American rapper who is better known by his stage name, G-Eazy. These Things Happen, his first album on a major label, came out on June 23, 2014, and reached number 3 on the US Billboard 200. It had a song called “I Mean It” that got to number 98 on the Billboard Hot 100.

When It’s Dark Out, his second studio album, came out on December 4, 2015, and reached number 5 on the US Billboard 200. It had the song “Me, Myself, and I,” which was a collaboration with Bebe Rexha and got to number 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The Beautiful & Damned, his third album, came out on December 15, 2017, and reached the top spot on the US Billboard 200.

G-Eazy Quick Info

Net Worth: $12 Million
Age: 33
Born: May 24, 1989
Gender: Male
Height: 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper

G-Eazy Early Years: Childhood And Education

On May 24, 1989, Gerald Earl Gillum was born in Oakland, California. His mother Suzanne Olmsted is a teacher and an artist, and his father Edward is a professor of art at California State University.

When Gillum was in the first grade, his mother deserted him and he and his younger brother James moved in with his grandparents in Berkeley, California. All three members of the family had to share a room because his mother had to work two jobs as a teacher to make ends meet. At the age of 14, Gillum began working in a restaurant to support the family.

G-Eazy Career

At the beginning of his career, G-Eazy liked the sound “hyphy.” His hometown hero, Lil Wayne, had an effect on him. After getting his BA in arts, he planned to work in hip-hop. Several of his mixtapes, like “The Tipping Point” (2008), “Sikkim on the Planet,” and “Quarantine,” were available as digital downloads.

By the time he put out The Epidemic LP, his fame had begun to grow. He went on tour with Drake and Lil Wayne. Even though he couldn’t perform like them, he used the time to learn how to work with a crowd, program a live set, connect with the crowd, and act like a star.

He released another mixtape called The Endless Summer. It had a new version of “Runaround Sue,” which was a hit for Dion DiMucci in 1961. The next year, he put out his first full-length album, Must Be Nice, which reached No. 33 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop album chart.

G-Eazy Net Worth

When It’s Dark Out, G-second Eazy’s album, came out in 2015. It went straight to No. 5 on the Billboard chart and was certified platinum. He has worked with artists like Bebe Rexha, Halsey, Lil Wayne, and Yo Gotti, among others.

In March 2017, he put out a single from Britney Spears’ ninth album, “Good Life.” It was a collaboration with singer Kehlani and got more than 13 million YouTube views in its first month.

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G Eazy Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, G Eazy is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer with a $12 million net worth. He is one of the most well-known hip-hop artists in the world right now. He is one of the most famous rappers in the music business. He has released a lot of hit songs and albums, which has made him one of the best artists in the country.

Most of his money comes from selling albums, playing live shows, going on international tours, and working with other artists. G-Eazy has more than 8 million people who follow him on his YouTube channel.

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Legal Problem

On May 2, 2018, police in Stockholm, Sweden, caught G-Eazy. He was arrested after he allegedly punched a security guard and was found to be in possession of drugs. He was caught with cocaine in his pocket by the police. G-Eazy pleaded guilty on May 4 to violent resistance, having drugs, and assaulting a police officer. He was given a fine of $10,000 and told to pay $900 to the security guard.

G-Eazy Assets

The rapper G-Eazy owns a nice, comfortable home in a nice part of Los Angeles, California. In “Ferryland,” his hillside home base, where he lives, there are cozy, functional spaces that flow together. There is always a musical instrument nearby, and the walls are covered with art made by friends and family.

The mansion has a saltwater pool, which is basically a big hot tub with a clear view of Los Angeles. Most of G-new Eazy’s album and tracks were recorded in a professional studio and lounge that was made out of a two-story guest house.

G-Eazy Net Worth

G-Eazy likes expensive cars and owns a number of them, such as the “Aston Martin One 77,” “Ferrari F12 Berlinetta,” “Ferrari 488 SPIDER,” “Lamborghini Aventador,” “Rolls Royce Ghost,” “Ford Mustang,” “Mercedes G Wagon,” and others.

Personal Life of G-Eazy

G-Eazy and Halsey, another musician who has worked with him, were together from 2017 to 2018. In “Everything Will Be OK,” G-Eazy talks about how his mother had a same-sex relationship with a woman named Melissa, which at first confused him but which he eventually came to accept. When he got home one day, he was sad to find that Melissa had died from taking too many prescription pills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Net Worth of G-Eazy?

The latest estimate of G-net Eazy’s worth is $12 Million.

What Kind of Salary Does G-Eazy Take Home?

The amount of money that G-Eazy makes in a year is greater than 1.5 million dollars.

What is G-Eazy’s Age?

Gerald Earl Gillum is currently 33 years old and was born on May 24th, 1989 in the city of Oakland, California.

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