One Piece Chapter 1064: What Can We Expect From This Chapter?

The Japanese manga series One Piece was created by Eiichiro Oda. Since July 1997, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, and as of August 2022, its individual chapters have been collected into 103 tank-bon volumes.

The plot centers on the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man whose unintended consumption of a Devil Fruit left him with a body made of rubber. In order to succeed Gol D. Roger as the new King of the Pirates, Luffy explores the Grand Line with his pirate band, the Straw Hat Pirates, in search of the ultimate treasure known as the “One Piece.”

Early Hints From Chapter 1064 of One Piece

The hint, according to OP Spoilers, was sent by one of the show’s reliable leakers and simply reads, “(Daddy issues arc)” in its entirety. This blatantly alludes to Jewelry Bonney, indicating that she is the present Egghead Island arc’s main focus. Fans are questioning what exactly occurs in One Piece Chapter 1064 to cause one of the leakers to respond in such a way.

Many believed that she would have a flashback of her early interactions with Kuma. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series, would have made a wise decision by doing this in order to strengthen Bonney’s persona and inform readers about Kuma and his time in the Revolutionary Army.

Fans might even learn something new about Monkey D. Dragon as a result, not to mention about the Revolutionary Army as a whole and its past. By their own admission, OP Spoilers’ second hint is unsubstantiated. But the fact that OP Spoilers posted the suggestion to Twitter shows that it might have come from a reliable source.

When is One Piece 1064 Coming Out?

According to Gamerant, One Piece isn’t taking a break right now. So, the next issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine is likely to have the next part of the story. MangaPlus says that One Piece 1064 will come out on October 23, 2022. On the MangaPlus and Shonen Jump apps, fans can read the chapter for free.

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One Piece 1064: Blackbeard Vs. Law

One Piece 1064 will most certainly continue the fight between Law and Blackbeard as that is what most fans are excited for. Since Blackbeard became a Yonko, fans haven’t seen his full power. His Grudge War against Marco and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates were completely off-screened, while only glimpses of his power were shown during his invasion of Amazon Lily.

One Piece Chapter 1064

What exactly he is fully capable of remains unknown to this day. One Piece 1064 could be a great chance for fans to see how scary Yonko Blackbeard really is. At the same time, fans will also get to see how much stronger Law has gotten after his fight against Big Mom. In the last chapter, Law said out loud that his fight against Big Mom and Kaido had taught him a lot.

One of them was demonstrated in the same chapter where Law used his Haki to overcome a Devil Fruit ability. There are certainly more things that he will have picked up from the two Yonko and that could very well be demonstrated in the next chapter. As the two titans clash, Oda has a unique opportunity to showcase a large-scale fight to kick off the final saga in grand style.

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One Piece 1064: The Events Of Rocky Port

During the two-year time gap, one of the most important things that happened was the Rocky Port Incident. People like Koby, Blackbeard, and Law were known to be the most important people in what happened at Rocky Port. It’s interesting that all three of these people have been in the news lately.

Blackbeard took Koby hostage in chapter 1059, and in the chapter before that, he caught Law by surprise. There is a good chance that Blackbeard will talk about the Rocky Port Incident in the next chapter. Law is known to be the mastermind behind that event, and Blackbeard took advantage of it and eventually became Yonko because of it.

One Piece Chapter 1064

Fans know a lot about this event, but they don’t know exactly what happened on the island all those years ago. One Piece 1064 could give a bit more detail about what happened on that terrible day through one of the characters. As a result, fans can expect a chapter with a lot of information, since Oda goes in that direction with the fight between Law and Yonko Blackbeard.

The Adventure on Egghead Island Keeps Going in One Piece 1064.

Even though Law and Blackbeard’s fight between the two titans is impressive, fans shouldn’t forget that this is still the Egghead Island arc. So, the story will go back to Egghead Island, where the Straw Hat Pirates are currently meeting Dr. Vegapunk, sooner or later.

Fans have already seen Zoro’s group confront Lilith and make a demand of her, as well as Luffy, meet Atlas and then get attacked by a Pacifista who was working as a police officer on Egghead Island. The most important thing is that Bonney finally told Luffy that Kuma is her father.

Oda will try to add to Bonney’s painful story about how Bartholomew Kuma’s capture and eventual change caused him to barely escape from the Pacifista in the last chapter. Fans will probably see a flashback of the two of them together and hear more about Kuma’s past from Bonney.

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