Selma Blair Discusses Her “Very Painful” Departure From “DWTS” Because to Medical Issues

Due to chronic health issues, Selma Blair graciously withdrew from “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday night.

During “Most Memorable Year” night, the “Cruel Intentions” star and her professional partner, Sasha Farber, danced one final dance together, a tear-filled waltz to Andra Day’s “What The World Needs Now Is Love.” The routine was choreographed to reflect the year 2018 for Blair, which is when she received a multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis after years of illness.

Following the performance, Blair, 50, told Page Six, “This was an extremely emotional night for me. Because it was overflowing with love for me, and everyone here has returned my love in spades.

The “Legally Blonde” actress responded that she exceeded her own expectations in so many ways when asked what she had learnt about herself from her experience on the dancing competition show.

She said, “I discovered I could do things I didn’t even realise I wanted to do anymore. “I discovered that you could feel as beautiful as the people you’re viewing if you watched with desire. That it has inspiring potential.

When you’re among a group like this, with these superstars and professionals, there’s never any, like, sorrow in comparison, she added. I’m really pleased of this production and show for embracing a few of us [including Daniel Durant, who is deaf] even though it presents an additional challenge. But observe how we have recently

selma blair in dancing stars demonstrated our abilities in many ways.

The 38-year-old Farber talked on his departure as well, commenting on how motivating it was to be paired with such “an icon” this season.

He said to reporters on Monday night, “There aren’t enough words to express how proud I am. She truly inspires me. There is nothing this woman can’t do, and she has inspired not only me but countless others worldwide.

Memory and speech issues, discomfort, exhaustion, and difficulty walking are some of the symptoms of MS, which, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, “a disease that effects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves, which make up the central nervous system and govern all we do.”Selma Blair Net Worth: How Did She Start Her Professional Life?

Blair clarified that she had to withdraw from the competition owing to complications arising from her health in a pre-recorded interview package that aired before to her performance on Monday night.

“I underwent MRIs, and the results showed that I can’t continue in the competition. Blair said to Farber, “I’ve gone as far as I could. “You certainly need to take special care when you have a chronic illness, and my body has suffered. It’s just too much for my bones’ safety. I might cause significant harm, which I naturally do not want.

I truly want to have one final beautiful dance with you before I say goodbye, she continued. This dance represents everyone who has tried and believed they could accomplish more, as well as the strength of knowing when to give up. I’m so grateful that I can perform one last slow dance.

selma blair in dancing stars

Blair claimed to being “terrified” to try dancing alone and that she had to persuade her team to support the idea back in September when she told Page Six that she had said “yes” to Season 31 of “DWTS” just “four or five days” before the whole cast was announced on “Good Morning America.”

“Because I’ve never danced, say, with steps, I was terrified and nervous. At the time, she claimed, “I can position like a dancer for maybe two seconds.Selma Blair Discusses Her “Very Painful” Departure From “DWTS” Because to Medical Issues

“But after I made up my mind and persuaded my team that I could do this and that it wouldn’t be too dangerous for me to do, [it was OK],” she continued. We perform these actions in an effort to enjoy them. I then give it my all.

Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., “Dancing With the Stars” will return for “Prom Night.” ET/5 p.m. Disney+, PT.

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