The Last Manhunt Release Date: The Trailer for “The Last Manhunt” Puts Jason Momoa in the Wild West!

The Last Manhunt, an action movie with Jason Momoa that is set in the past, has been bought by Saban Films. The film will tell the unbelievable true story of America’s last big manhunt in the wild west.

It will be directed by Christian Camargo and based on a story by Momoa and the film’s writer, Thomas Pa’a Sibbett. The movie will have a mostly Native American cast, like Martin Sensmeier, Maine Kinimaka, Zahn McClarnon, Lily Gladstone, Raoul Max Trujillo, Brandon Oakes, and Tantoo Cardinal. This goes back to the subject’s roots.

What Could Be the Possible Plot of the Last Manhunt?

The story of The Last Manhunt comes straight from the history of the Chemehuevi tribe, who live in the area around Morongo Valley, Joshua Tree, and Yucca Valley in California. This history has been mostly forgotten. Willie Boy and those who were after him lived in the area that is now Joshua Tree National Park.

The Last Manhunt Release Date

The sad story of Willie Boy and those who were after him took place among the boulder piles and cactus-covered landscape. In 1909, a young Native American named Willie Boy (Sensmeier) kills by accident the father of Carlota (Kinimaka), the girl he likes.

The couple runs away because they are afraid for their lives, but when people in the area try to find them, the water starts to boil. Even worse, President Taft is on his way to the area, which makes it even more important to find the two and will eventually lead to a manhunt with guns blazing.

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Who is in the Last Manhunt’s Cast?

Martin Sensmeier and Maine Kinimaka, who play the key characters of Willie Boy and Carlotta, respectively, are at the head of “The Last Manhunt cast, “‘s which is primarily comprised of Alaska Native and Native American performers.

Particularly in the Western subgenre, Sensmeier has a long list of credits, including roles in “The Magnificent Seven,” Taylor Sheridan’s “Wind River,” and Western television programs including “Westworld,” “Yellowstone,” and “1883.”

Jason Momoa, star of “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones,” also wrote the screenplay for “The Last Manhunt” and plays Big Jim in the movie. Zahn McClarnon, Lily Gladstone, and Raoul Max Trujillo are among the other cast members. Read More about Jason Momoa

The Last Manhunt Release Date

Additionally, Brandon Oakes, Wade Williams, Tantoo Cardinal, Amy Seimetz, Jamie Sives, and even director and actor Christian Camargo make brief cameos in the movie. Overall, “The Last Manhunt” has a fantastic ensemble that is full of great actors and includes some Western genre veterans.

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The Last Manhunt’s Trailer

On October 13th, 2022, Paramount Movies released the official trailer for “The Last Manhunt,” which helps to contextualize Willie Boy and Carlotta’s desperate dash across the American frontier — with plenty of gunfire and fight scenes to set the tone for this explosive, action-packed manhunt across the country.

Willie Boy and Carlotta are smiling and watching the sunset together when Carlotta’s father says, “You will never have my consent.” We’re off and running when we hear a gunshot. Carlotta’s mother requests that the sheriff locate her daughter, launching “the largest manhunt in American history.”

We’re also introduced to some infighting among this gang of hostile cops, as some want to bring Willie Boy is alive, while others vow they want him back in parts.

When Will the Last Manhunt Be Released?

“The Last Manhunt” will be released on November 18th, 2022, according to the looper. The trailer description also states that the film will be available digitally and on-demand, as well as in select cinemas.

Outside of Paramount, it’s unknown which streaming platforms or cinemas will play “The Last Manhunt,” but that information should become clearer as we get closer to the film’s debut. Even though that date seems very close, it’s important to remember that the movie has come a long way to get to its international premiere.

In fact, filming for “The Last Manhunt” began in September 2019, and it wasn’t until June of this year that Saban Films bought the rights to show the movie in theatres around the world.

Even though we still don’t know where you can go to see “The Last Manhunt” when it comes out, it’s still very exciting to know that it will finally be in theatres on November 18.

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