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Schedule for Fall 2022 Book Releases: 16 Books You Should Add To Your TBR Right Away

We haven’t finished any reading since we are so eager for the books that will be published in the upcoming weeks. For your information, Foul Lady Fortune was published a few weeks ago, but we haven’t read it yet. Bookworms, did you read it? Since we no longer believe Miss Gong, we put off experiencing heartache.

She certainly has a knack with words, but tragically she also uses them to break our hearts and do great emotional harm. These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong should be read by readers who haven’t yet because failing to do so will lead to your demise.

Read those books soon before they are released if you want a good cry! To make it simpler for you to keep in mind the dates of these upcoming book releases, we have created a list. These include other novels that we have all been waiting for as well as the most anticipated CoHo book, It Starts With Us.

The Atlas Paradox

The Atlas Paradox (The Atlas, #2) by Olivie Blake

This book, which is The Atlas Six’s sequel, includes even more longing, treachery, betrayal, and mayhem. Six magicians, two rivals, one researcher, and an odd individual with the ability to traverse dreams exist. Now, each of them must choose a side. They must each choose whether they wish to save the planet or end it. The publication date for this book is October 25, 2022.

A Flame With Light

For the readers who have been anxiously awaiting this book, this is fantastic news. A Light In The Flame, Jennifer’s newest book, will be out on November 15, 2022. Sera is in danger now that the details of her scheme are known. The tenuous trust that she and Nyktos had developed was destroyed by this.

The Flame Never Dies (Well of Souls, Book 2) eBook : Vincent, Rachel: Kindle Store

She currently just has her responsibility, but Nyktos also has a strategy. The passion between them, which threatens to derail their entire project, is the last thing they need as a team. She won’t be distracted at this point because time is of the essence for both her and the world.

Heart of the Sun Warrior

Heart of the Sun Warrior: 2022's most highly anticipated fantasy sequel and conclusion to the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling duology inspired by Chinese mythology (The Celestial Kingdom Duology, Book 2) eBook : Tan,

Xingyin will face a serious new threat to the kingdom in this sequel. Although she has rescued her mother, her calm is short-lived. Her peace is shattered when mysterious magic is found on the moon and the ruler of the Celestial Kingdom tightens his hold on the power. The stakes are bigger than ever before when Xingyin is forced to flee again shortly after that. The publication date for this book is November 10, 2022.


Bree had only intended to solve the mystery surrounding her mother’s passing, but she has now taken an unexpected turn. She is a blood after, a medium, and a scion who will alter her course in life. But this new adjustment also brings a fresh obstacle. Nick, the boy she fell in love with, has been taken hostage. She can’t, however, make plans to save him when everyone is focused on keeping her safe. Bloodmarked (The Legendborn Cycle Book 2) eBook : Deonn, Tracy: Kindle Store

Bree swiftly comes to the conclusion that if she wants to keep the boy she loves safe, she must go. There are enemies around, and Bree has a power that she is still learning to control. If she wants to survive, she must do so. The publication date for this book is November 8, 2022.

The Do- Over

Emilie Hornby experienced the worst Valentine’s Day ever, but she is confident that she will move past it. There is no huge deal about her boyfriend’s infidelity. She will continue. She isn’t so sure about that, though, as she wakes up in her own bed and discovers that it is Valentine’s Day all over again and that she is reliving the moment when her partner betrayed her.

The Do-Over (The Miles High Club Book 4) eBook : Swan, T L: Kindle Store

She continues running into the mysterious stranger Nick while trapped in this temporal loop. The world seemed to be working in her favour, but what will she choose to do? The publication date for this book is November 15, 2022.


Despite their dislike for one another, Grace and Hudson are trapped in a perilous situation. Together, they must find a way out of the strange area they are locked, but it will be very difficult for these two. Grace finds Jaxon’s brother Hudson Vega to be annoying.

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Hudson thinks Grace isn’t who she says she is. However, they must put their emotions aside and work together right away to come up with a plan if they are to live and save both themselves and their newly discovered family. The publication date for this book is November 8, 2022.

October 18, 2022.

Daughters of the New Years

This book, which is a first novel, follows five generations of Vietnamese mothers and daughters. Xuan Trung currently resides in New Orleans. Xuan, a former beauty queen who is now a refugee, is fixated on predicting her daughters’ futures based on their Vietnamese zodiac signs.

Daughters of the New Year by E.M. Tran

But they are absolutely wrong about her daughters Trac, Nhi, and Trieu. These sisters discover the circumstances that led their ancestors to America as they come upon hints of truth hidden deep inside. The publication date of this book is October 11, 2022.


Gil is a rich man who enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. Everyone who knows him is perplexed when he decides to walk all the way from New York to Arizona. He enters and makes himself at home. The house next door with the glass walls will soon welcome new residents.

Dinosaurs: A Novel: Millet, Lydia: 9781324021469: Books

As his life starts to converge with theirs, he unexpectedly grows attached to them. Where the individual stops and the community begins is a central theme in these writings. The publication date of this book is October 11, 2022.

Our Missing Hearts

Twelve-year-old Bird Gardner leads a tranquil life with his father. Their lives have been ruled by the regulations created to protect American culture for a decade, but when the authorities enact yet another alteration, his life is completely upended.

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When Bird was just 9 years old, his mother Margaret, a Chinese American poet, left the family. Although he doesn’t care about her or her career, he sets out to find her after receiving a cryptic letter. The publication date of this book is October 4, 2022.

The Kiss  Curse

This book, which is the sequel to The Ex Hex, features Gwyn and Wells. Gwyn currently feels content with her existence. She shares a home in Graves Glen with her mother and cousin, with whom she has also established a strong coven. She also has a prosperous witchcraft store. She has even begun coaching young witches, in addition.

Amazon | The Kiss Curse: A Novel | Sterling, Erin | Contemporary

Wells has been absent from the town for a while, but he is now returned. Just across the street from Gwyn’s store, he starts a store. They end up participating in a professional tournament that develops into more before they choose to withdraw. But when strange events occur in their community, Gwyn and Wells are compelled to cooperate. The publication date of this book is September 20, 2022.

Witcha Gonna Do

Gil is an extremely hot guy whose hotness is only equaled by his ego, and an unfortunate witch keeps getting set up on dates with him. She can’t stand him and doesn’t like him at all, but she can’t stop thinking about him. She discovers that Gil is the only one who can assist her in casting a curse against her own family.

Witcha Gonna Do by Avery Flynn

She needs his assistance to correct her error because she belongs to the most powerful witch family. As a result, they are compelled to cooperate while denying their attraction, which ought to be simple. But is it? The publication date for this book is December 6, 2022.

It Starts With the Us

ISWU, one of the most eagerly anticipated books of the year, will finally be available this week. ISWU will centre on Lily, who has established a cordial co-parenting rhythm with her ex-husband, after the conclusion of the first book. At the conclusion of IEWU, she unintentionally runs across Atlas, her first love.

It Starts With Us: 2 (It Ends With Us, 2) : Hoover, Colleen, Donnell, Colin, Song, Olivia: Books

She agrees when Atlas invites her out on a date. Ryle is still very much a part of Lily’s and their daughter’s lives, despite the fact that he is no longer Lily’s husband. What will Ryle do to inflict more harm upon her, or are her dark days truly passed? The publication date of this book is October 18, 2022.

Bad Girl Reputation

For her mother’s burial, Genevieve West has returned to her hometown. But that’s only a passing thing. As soon as her father hires someone to manage his firm, she will be running back. She doesn’t want to stay, and more than that, she doesn’t want to be around Evan Hartley, her ex-boyfriend. But since it’s a small town, she will undoubtedly run into him.

Bad Girl Reputation : Kennedy, Elle (author): Books

And upon seeing him, she discovers that he remains as obnoxious, seductive, and alluring as ever. Evan is aware that they make a solid team, but he needs to persuade Gen of that. Given that Gen is determined to learn from her past mistakes, it may be difficult for Evan to do so. The publication date of this book is October 4, 2022.

A Cosmic Kind of Love

A Cosmic Kind of Love : Young, Samantha: Books

Event organizer Hallie Goodman is a woman. The last thing she expects to encounter when she receives party-planning materials from her client are films of Darcy’s ex-boyfriend. She also didn’t anticipate watching those films and sending emails to his no longer active NASA address. When these emails are forwarded to Christopher by an office friend, he is still getting used to life on Earth.

Her sense of humor and her pink hair, which make his heart race, catch his attention. They learn and fall in love one lesson at a time, one transmission at a time. The publication date of this book is October 18, 2022.

Runaway Groomsman

The Hollywood screenwriter Sawyer Castle may have a keen eye for a beautiful love story, but when it comes to his personal life, he is a complete disaster. Sawyer, who is feeling overburdened by all the strain and attention, flees on the day when his ex-girlfriend is getting married to his famous best buddy. He finds Fallon Long while hiding in Canoodle.

Runaway Groomsman by Meghan Quinn

After taking a quick glance at him, Fallon immediately dismisses him as another Hollywood hack because she has been struggling to make ends meet while juggling other obligations. She doesn’t like the guy at first, but they develop an unbreakable friendship. Will they find genuine love under the stress and commitments, or is this simply another Hollywood trope? The publication date for this book is October 11, 2022.

Love From Mecca To Medina

Love from Mecca to Medina by S.K. Ali

Despite being ideally suited, Adam and Zayneb are nonetheless cruelly apart. Zayneb is in Chicago while Adam is in Doha. But then something positive occurs. They both get to go on the Umrah during the week of Thanksgiving. Although they first experience different emotions, they both continue on this “spiritual” journey.
They will begin to wonder if this is just an abnormality or if love can truly conquer all barriers when Zayneb joins and Adam’s past love interest does. The publication date of this book is October 18, 2022.

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