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Are Lino and Amy Together at the End of From Scratch?

If you’re searching Netflix for a new romantic drama to watch, From Scratch should be at the top of your list.

The new Netflix limited series depicts the story of a lady who falls in love in the most unlikely location while studying abroad in Italy. While she may have been in Italy to continue her education and pursue her goals of becoming an artist, she leaves the country with the love of her life, but who was it?

In the first episode of the series, Amy is introduced to two extremely charming suitors from vastly different backgrounds. Amy meets Lino, a charming cook, on the street, and Giancarlo, a businessman with connections to the art world through his family’s gallery, in a coffee shop.

Amy first appears to be infatuated with Giancarlo, but there is a strong connection between her and Lino that will certainly leave you wondering who Amy ends up with. Do u want to know Who is the From Scratch Actress Zoe Saldana Married to, if Anyone?

Are Lino and Amy Together at the End of From Scratch?

Are Lino and Amy Together at the End of From Scratch?

If you’ve been pulling for Lino and Amy since they first met in the pilot, you’re in luck because they do end up together. Despite Amy’s initial attraction to Giancarlo, their relationship turns out to be a flash in the pan. Instead, Amy falls in love with Lino, and the two do end up together at the end of the episode.Where Was the New Netflix Series From Scratch Filmed?

The couple eventually weds and starts a family, but their love story is not without difficulty.

Lino is tragically diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer, and despite his courageous efforts, he ultimately succumbs to the disease. Even if the couple does end up together, their love tale is heartbreaking.

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