Biden Seeks a Symbol of Reconstruction at the Pittsburgh Bridge

The Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh became a symbol of the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure when it collapsed into a ravine earlier this year, shortly prior to a visit by Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden took a detour to assess the incident, where vehicles were stalled on roadway fragments and several individuals were hurt, and he promised assistance was on the way.

When he returns to Pittsburgh on Thursday, less than three weeks prior to the midterm elections, the Democratic president aims to make the bridge a symbol of his administration’s accomplishment.

A new span is being constructed, and it may be completed by December. The White House attributes the faster timeframe to the bipartisan infrastructure package championed by Vice President Biden.

The legislation is one of Biden’s most prominent achievements during the first two years of his presidency, and he emphasizes its significance while traveling around the country to highways, airports, and ports. About $40 billion of the roughly $1 trillion spent is allocated to bridges.

Biden Seeks a Symbol of Reconstruction at the Pittsburgh Bridge (1)

When Joe Biden visits the bridge, John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, is anticipated to be present.

Biden planned to stop in Philadelphia for a fundraiser with Fetterman to replenish campaign funds depleted by one of the most expensive campaigns of the year.

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Fetterman is fighting with Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz for a seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Pat Toomey. If Fetterman wins, the Democrats’ chances of preserving control of the Senate will be significantly increased.

Biden was born in Pennsylvania, and the state continues to play a significant role in his political identity.

Thursday’s visit will be his fourteenth since assuming office. Next week, he is slated to return to Philadelphia for another campaign engagement, marking his fifteenth trip.

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