Is Charlie Puth Single? The Singer of “Light Switch” Revealed He Has a Girlfriend!

Charlie Puth is no longer available, guys! During an episode of The Howard Stern Show that aired on October 18, the singer-songwriter disclosed that he has a girlfriend and is “in love.” Find out how they met and if a wedding is in their future by reading on.

Is Charlie Puth Single?

Charlie Puth disclosed to Howard Stern that he is currently in a relationship, adding that he is “in love.” The interviewer then inquired about the couple’s future. “Do you believe this is it?” Howard asked. Without hesitation, the “Light Switch” artist responded, “Yes.”

“She is someone I grew up with,” Charlie remarked without mentioning the name of his girlfriend. “As my life becomes more tumultuous and I go everywhere, it’s great to have someone you’ve known for a very long period close by.”

The “Left and Right” musician then revealed that his current girlfriend is from the same little New Jersey town where he grew up. He stated, “She has always been extremely kind to me, so I assume she will be there for me when times are tough in the future, because what is life without valleys and peaks?”

Is Charlie Puth in a Relationship?

In addition, the pop artist revealed whether or not a wedding is in the couple’s future. “If I do [pop the question], the media will absolutely not know about it… I will go out of my way to ensure that they are unaware… It becomes excessive,” Charlie affirmed.

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In addition to his romantic life, Charlie also highlighted his struggles with social anxiety.

“Honestly, I’m so afraid of people today that I can’t walk anywhere for whatever reason, and the more that happens, the more I simply want to retreat to someone I’ve known for a long time,” he said of his choice to simplify things. “I’m not really interested in going out and acting crazy like I used to.”

What is Charlie Puth’s biggest hit?

Charlie’s biggest hit to date is “See You Again,” which he co-wrote and performed with rapper Wiz Khalifa for the “Furious 7” album.

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