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Taylor Swift Adds 7 Songs to Midnights’ 3 A.M.

Taylor Swift performed a feat few celebrities would dare to attempt: releasing major, disruptive news at 3 a.m. Swift announced on social media that she is releasing an additional seven (!!) songs for the 3 a.m. edition of Midnights’ Midnights.

The titles of the songs are “The Great War,” “Bigger Than the Whole Sky,” “Paris,” “High Infidelity,” “Glitch,” “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,” and “Dear Reader.” All of them are available on Spotify.

“Surprise! I think of Midnights as a complete concept album, with those 13 songs forming a full picture of the intensities of that mystifying, mad hour. However! There were other songs we wrote on our journey to find that magic 13,” Swift wrote.

“I’m calling them 3 am tracks. Lately, I’ve been loving the feeling of sharing more of our creative process with you, like we do with From The Vault tracks. So it’s 3 am and I’m giving them to you now. 🌌”


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Taylor Swift’s declaration came just three hours after the release of her latest album, Midnights.

She pondered on the record-making process and thanked her partners on Instagram.“Midnights is a wild ride of an album and I couldn’t be happier that my co-pilot on this adventure was @jackantonoff,” she wrote on Instagram. “He’s my friend for life (presumptuous I know but I stand by it) and we’ve been making music together for nearly a decade HOWEVER… this is the first album we’ve done with just the two of us as main collaborators.

We’d been toying with ideas and had written a few things we loved, but Midnights actually really coalesced and flowed out of us when our partners (both actors) did a film together in Panama [Joe Alwyn, Swift’s boyfriend, and Margaret Qualley, Antonoff’s fiancée]. Jack and I found ourselves back in New York, alone, recording every night, staying up late, and exploring old memories and midnights past.

We were so lucky to also work with our brilliant collaborators @sam_dew, @sounwave, Lana Del Rey, @jahaansweet, @keanubeats, William Bowery [Alwyn’s pseudonym], and @zoeisabellakravitz. @sharp_stick was our excellent engineer. The wonderful and wise @bethgarrabrant took the album photographs. Midnights is a collage of intensity, highs and lows, and ebbs and flows. Life can be dark, starry, cloudy, terrifying, electrifying, hot, cold, romantic, or lonely. Just like Midnights. Which is out now.”

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Earlier that night, she released a teaser trailer for all of the music videos she shot for Midnights.

“Here’s the teaser trailer for the videos I’ve made for Midnights 🌌” she wrote. “Thank you @amazonmusic for premiering this, the first video for Anti-Hero will be out tomorrow at 8 am ET. And Midnights will be here SO SOON!!!”

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