Described by Vatican Girl: Who Abducted Emanuela Orlandi?


The 38-year-old missing case the named adolescent girl—who went missing at the Vatican in 1983—is the subject of the Netflix docuseries Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. This case sparked a plethora of conspiracies, strange rumors, and unanswered questions.

Who is Emanuela Orlandi?

Emanuela Orlandi was born and raised in a devout Catholic family in Vatican City as the second youngest of five siblings.

Emanuela resided in Vatican City with her family of seven in a nation with a small population. Parents Ercole and Maria Orlandi, sisters Natalina, Federica, and Maria Cristina, and brother Pietro Orlandi made up the family.

Emanuela had just turned 15 years old when she vanished. Emanuela’s brother Pietro Orlandi gives information on his sister’s life prior to and at the time of her disappearance.

Pietro introduces Vatican Girl by discussing his sister and demonstrating the space in which she once resided. Emanuela performed on the piano and the flute. She sang in the choir as well.

The Vatican Girl Goes Missing

Emanuela had gone to her school’s music practices the day before she vanished. Emanuela calls home and informs her sister that a man approached her outside the music school before she left it, which was outside the Vatican.

She tells Federica that this man had offered her a tiny job with the cosmetic company Avon. After school, Emanuela is due to meet with Cristina and her friends.

The Vatican Girl Goes Missing

Emanuela does not appear when she and her pals go to the designated meeting place. After Christina leaves for home, they wait before finding out from her parents that she hasn’t come back either.

After several hours pass, the Orlandi family’s worry reaches an all-time high around 9:30 night, prompting everyone to go outside and search for her. They look everywhere, but they never come upon her again.

Summary of the Story

In Vatican City, a teenage girl called Emanuela Orlandi vanishes on a particularly hot evening in June 1983. What happens next is a heartbreaking quest for Emanuela and an attempt to solve the mysteries behind her disappearance.

A number of unsatisfying developments occur in the years that follow her disappearance, with innumerable leads all containing some element of the truth but never quite the full of it.

The search for Emanuela’s family has lasted nearly 38 years, but nothing has changed as the main suspects in the case continue to deflect questions and withhold vital evidence that could help solve the case.

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