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Manny Khoshbin Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Personal Life, and Much More!

Manny Khoshbin is an Iranian businessman, YouTuber, real estate entrepreneur, and author. Khoshbin is one of the most well-known and successful real estate businessmen in the United States.

He has started many other businesses and has become a famous businessperson in the United States. He started working in the business when he was a teenager, and over the years, he grew into a top-notch real estate agent who has several groups working for him.

Manny Khoshbin Quick Info

Name Manny Khoshbin
Net Worth $80 Million
Age 51 years old
Date Of Birth January 14, 1971
Annual Salary $10 Million
Profession Businessperson,
Gender Male

Manny Khoshbin Early Life: Childhood And Education

On January 14, 1971, Manny Khoshbin was born in Iran. Manny Khoshbin spent 14 years of his childhood in Iran. Even so, his time in Iran wasn’t very good because of how bad the political situation was there. There were several wars going on, so his family moved to the United States, where they have lived ever since.

Even though, in the beginning, it was hard for his family to make a living in America. Khoshbin has four brothers and sisters, and all of them were broke. They used to sleep in cars or sometimes out in the open. At 16, he got his first part-time job at K-Mart, where he made $3 an hour.

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

According to Bio Overview, Manny Khoshbin is one of the wealthiest real estate entrepreneurs in the United States of America with an estimated net worth of about $80 million as of 2022. His primary source of income is real estate, where he has already amassed a sizeable fortune.

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

His books, YouTube channel, and other businesses are additional sources of income for him. Khoshbin has amassed more than 1.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, where he uploads videos of his garage tours and also demonstrates his opulent way of living.

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Manny Khoshbin Career

Manny got his first job at K-Mart when he was 16. He pushed carts and cleaned floors for $3.15 an hour. After a year of sweeping the floors at K-Mart, Manny was given the job of assistant manager of sporting goods. Even though that was great, he wanted to build something much bigger.

After a few months, he quit his job and went to work for a multinational marketing company, where he sold different snacks door to door. Within the first two months, he had made more money for the company than any other salesperson. Even he found a way to cut costs so he could make more money.

Khoshbin started his own business when he was 18 and in his last year of high school. He had a lot of experience by that point. He had his own business and ran a small warehouse. He bought products cheaply and sold them for a profit. But because of health codes, his business had to close.

He didn’t waste any time and went to work for a tire shop right away. After a year as an assistant manager, he left to start his own business.
In 1991, Khoshbin made a deal with a friend of his father’s to buy a gas station with as little as 10% down. He definitely took advantage of the chance and put all of his money and savings into the business, but the contract with the gas station turned out to be a scam. Then he only left a bank account behind.

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Personal Life of Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin got married to Leyla Milani in June 2011. Together, they have two kids. During the 2005 World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Quest, his wife Leyla became well-known. She had to fight against other women wrestlers who also wanted to join the WWE. From then on, she started to be in WWE Raw commercials.

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

Soon, she stopped wrestling and started modeling for the popular show “Deal or No Deal” for the next four years. Leyla has been on many TV shows, including Curb Your Enthusiasm, in addition to the modeling show. In 2012, they had a son named Enzo, who was their first child. In the second half of 2016, they had a daughter named Priscilla.

Manny Khoshbin Asset

Manny Khoshbin is known for living a luxurious life, and he has enough money to buy himself million-dollar houses. He bought a beautiful house in Newport Coast, California, that is right by the ocean.

The luxury mansion has a sauna, an epicurean kitchen, a movie theatre, a wine cellar with 1500 bottles, a huge underground garage, and a lot more. About $30 million is how much this very fancy house costs.

The huge backyard of this California mansion in the Mediterranean style has an outdoor kitchen, a koi pond, a fireplace, a swimming pool, and a spa. The house was built in 2002, and it has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms spread out over 13,532 square feet.


A highly well-known and successful individual, Manny Khoshbin has excelled in his field. Khoshbin is well-known all over the world for his brilliant business strategies and path to success.

He had nothing when he arrived in America, but today he has everything. Many people are motivated by his narrative since it is so inspiring. Manny Khoshbin has authored books and has a YouTube channel where he shares his ideas and triumphs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manny Khoshbin’s Estimated Net Worth?

The overall value of Manny Khoshbin’s assets is close to $80 million.

What Year Was Manny Khoshbin Born?

Manny Khoshbin is 51 years old at the moment (14 January 1971).

What is Manny Khoshbin’s Salary?

The anticipated annual income of Manny Khoshbin is $8 million plus.

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