After Seeing a “Tiny Baby Bump” in an Ig Pic, Fans Ask “is Nicki Minaj Pregnant Again?”

Fans are speculating about Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy in 2022 just over three months after she addressed pregnancy rumours that first appeared as a result of an error on her part.

The two collaborated on the song “I Admit” from NBA YoungBoy’s new album, “Ma, I Got a Family,” which was released on Friday.

To promote their new single, Nicki shared an Instagram photo of herself and NBA. She may be seen in the image displaying what her followers are referring to as a “tiny baby bump,” which has Barbz all worked up.

Nicki Minaj’s Fans Ask if She is Conceiving Again

Nicki has only one image in her most recent Instagram carousel that features her baby belly, but she makes no mention of being pregnant in the caption.

However, it appears that the photo was either shot in September 2020, when she was expecting her first child, or that she was made to appear pregnant to fit the album’s theme. In any of her other recent photos, Nicki does not appear to have a baby bump.

Additionally, the singer doesn’t appear to be pregnant in the I Admit song video.

Nicki has been contacted by GRV Media and HITC for comments regarding rumours that she is carrying another child.

Nikki Minaj Pregnant

On October 21, 2022, the day before his 23rd birthday, the new song featuring NBA was released. Here is a link to the official music video on YouTube.

In July, SINGER’S GAFFE sparked pregnancy rumours.
Nicki attempted to be humorous about being pregnant once more back in July of this year, and fans impulsively bought it.

The singer answered to a fan who asked if she and Kenneth Petty were having a second child when she went live on Instagram three months ago: “I’m not big, guys, I’m pregnant. Sorry!”

Naturally, this upset Barbz to the point of agitation. The singer rectified herself as soon as congratulations began to appear on her screen.

“Oh no. Have I gotten it wrong? I apologise. I believe I misspoke. I should have said that I’m not pregnant. I’m overweight.”

Again, Fans Are Confused

Since Nicki hasn’t addressed the controversy around the ‘baby bump’ in her most recent photo, people are left to speculate whether or not she is carrying another child.

Is @NICKIMINAJ pregnant once more or did she simply eat before the video shoot?

Another person questioned, “Nicki Minaj is pregnant again or?”

“Dag I may be late but Nicki Minaj pregnant again?” read another tweet.

Nicki Minaj is pregnant?,” a perplexed supporter wrote. What have I been doing?

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