Review of the Film Ginna: Vishnu Manchu Excels in This Commercial Drama 

About the Ginna Movie

Ginna is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language action romantic comedy film directed by Ishaan Suryaah, from a story and screenplay by G. Nageswara Reddy and Kona Venkat, respectively.   Mohan Babu, AVA Entertainment, and 24 Frames Factory are the producers.  Raghu Babu, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore, Payal Rajput, and Vishnu Manchu appear in the movie. Anup Rubens wrote the music for the movie.

The title Ginna was revealed in June 2022, and principal photography started in April 2022.

Due to postproduction delays, the film’s production team originally intended to release the film on October 5th. Instead, they chose to release the film on October 21st.

Release of Ginna

Today saw the release of the Eeshaan Surya-directed film Ginna, starring Vishnu. The movie’s trailer generates positive discussion and also stars Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone. This is a review.

The story centers on Ginna (Vishnu Manchu), a man from Tirupati who owns a tent home despite having a big debt. Sunny Leone’s Renuka, a childhood friend, has returned to India in the meantime. She wants to wed Ginna and is quite wealthy. However, Ginna adores Swathi (Payal Rajput). Ginna, therefore, devises a scheme with his pals to defraud Renuka and steal her money in the name of love. The crucial event comes next.

In his role, Vishnu is amazing. Vishnu performed admirably in this movie’s humor department, much like he did in his previous one, Dhee. He put a lot of effort into the movie, and it shows in the way he dances and fights. Payal Rajput has a little but effective role.

Sunny Leone gets a substantial role and does well. In reality, Sunny Leone’s persona served as the foundation for the entire narrative, which she handled expertly. Naresh and Suresh, two veteran actors, do well in their roles. The film’s highlight is Chammak Chandra, who made audiences laugh a lot. As usual, Vennela Kishore rocked.

The director’s narration is excellent, despite the writer Kona Venkat’s formulaic story. The songs are competently performed, but the music is mediocre. The editing and production values are quite respectable. Chota K Naidu did a wonderful job of showcasing the environment, the village views, and the excellent choreography.

Ginna Movie Review

Even if Ginna’s story is dated, the storytelling and humor keep you interested. Sunny Leone and Chammak Chandra’s amusing interactions were brilliantly planned. With his humor, Vennela Kishore completely elevates the second half. The second half’s enjoyment, glitz, and thrills are intriguing. There is a free flow of scenes, so none of this will weary the spectator.

The hero’s introduction and love story’s first few minutes seem regular and take some time to reach the major plot. Only during the interval is the twist’s primary focus established.
The climax seemed hurried when the twist is revealed. It would have been much better if Sunny’s personality had a stronger emotional component.


Ginna is an enjoyable horror film that is filled with passable comedy and thrills. If you overlook the opening few clunky minutes, the movie is a well-rounded horror entertainer that makes for a fantastic time-killer this weekend.

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