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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4: When Will Episode 4 Premiere on Netflix?

The American medical drama TV show The Good Doctor is based on a 2013 South Korean show with the same name. When actor Daniel Dae Kim saw the original series, he bought the rights for his production company. He started making the show into a movie, and in 2015, he sold it to CBS Television Studios.

CBS decided not to make a pilot for the show. Kim cared so much about the show that he bought the rights back from CBS. Kim and Sony Pictures Television finally came to an agreement, and David Shore, who created the Fox medical drama House, was brought on to develop the series.

Sony Pictures Television Studios and ABC Signature, along with Shore Z Productions, 3AD, and Entermedia, work together to make the show. David Shore is in charge of running the show, and Daniel Dae Kim is one of the show’s top producers.

Spoilers for the Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4

The new episode is called “Shards.” First of all, Dr Shaun Murphy may be facing a medical situation that will test him in ways he never would have expected, which will be a problem for him. Since he has been a doctor for so long, he has dealt with a wide range of difficult medical situations. On the other hand, it’s always possible that this presentation will show him something new, and that’s exactly what you’re going to see here.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4

In the episode “Shrapnel,” the team operates on a military reenactor whose attempts to be realistic have led to a dangerous situation that not even Dr. Shaun Murphy could have seen coming. And Natalie Skye, who is known for The House, is a guest star on The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4. (2011).

On the other hand, Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Samoné Henderson) and Dr. Daniel Perez (Brandon Larracuente) are in a race against time to find a severed foot. What do you think is going to happen with Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann), Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee), Dr. Audrey Lim, and some of the other important characters?

The Good Doctor Episode 3 of Season 6 Recap

Audrey tells Marcus that she wants to look at the records from Shaun’s surgery herself. Cady, who is 24 and bipolar, goes to the emergency room with cuts and scrapes. Alex tells her she is safe, but he has to check on her. When she sees a needle, she freaks out. Alex tries to calm her down, but she hits her arm, which breaks a blood vessel and makes blood come out.

Julianne, whose real name is April Grace and who is well-known as a marriage counsellor, hurt her ankle. Shaun looks at it, and she tells him that she likes his wedding band. She says she is a marriage counsellor, and she may have helped JZ and Biance stay together. She tells Shaun to stop doing things that are bad for him in the first year. Five months ago, her husband died. After Morgan tells Shaun that her husband died years ago, he does an MRI of her brain.

Cady’s mother wants her to live with her, but Cady’s partner, who loves her like a daughter, thinks she needs care from someone else and isn’t sure they can do it. Shaun tells the staff about his patient, who is 51 years old. He wants to know how they did in their first year. Audrey tells him to talk to his wife about the problems in his marriage. Shaun shows Julianne a scan of her brain and tells her she has a tumour and needs surgery. She wants surgery still.

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Release Date of the Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4

On Monday, October 24, 2022, between 10 and 11 p.m. EDT, ABC will air the fourth episode of Season 6 of The Good Doctor. Seasons from the past can be watched on Hulu. The show can be watched online on Hulu and the ABC website.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4

You can also watch the show on a number of streaming TV services. The Good Doctor is on Netflix for people who don’t live in the United States. Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV are both places where people can stream live TV. You can also buy Seasons 1 through 5 on Amazon Prime Video, either by episode or by season.

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The Good Doctor Episode 4 Trailer for Season 6

Shaun is taking care of a patient who has several pieces of shrapnel in his body, and he and Glossman argue about who should be responsible for what went wrong during Lim’s surgery. Watch the trailer down below:

How Many Episodes Does Season 6 of the Good Doctor Have?

ABC said that season 6 will have 22 episodes, which is more than the 18 to 20 episodes of previous seasons. The 100th episode of the show will air in the sixth episode of this season.

Where Can I Watch Season 6 of the Good Doctor?

The Good Doctor can be watched on ABC and can also be streamed online. You can watch seasons 1 through 5 on Hulu if you want to catch up. The monthly plan for Hulu costs $6.99, but you can try it out for free for 30 days. Now, you can also watch it on Netflix.

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