A Link to a File Share on Gofile.me Does It Ever Expire?

Is a gofile.me file share link ever expire? The short answer is no, a gofile.me file share link never expires. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that your file share link remains active and accessible for as long as possible.

Here are a few tips to keep your gofile.me file share link life: Update the link regularly – If your file share link is outdated or not up to date, users may experience issues downloading or accessing files. Always make sure the link is accurate and up to date so that everyone can easily find and use it. Make sure the file size is appropriate – Make sure the file size of the files you share is appropriate for the audience you are targeting.

If the file size is too large, users may have trouble downloading or accessing it in a timely manner. Keep files size under 50MB to ensure accessibility for all users. Enable download links – If users want to download files directly from your page, make sure you enable this feature on your page by clicking the “Enable download links” button below each file. This will help users quickly and easily access and download files without having to leave your page

What is a gofile.me file share link?

A gofile.me file share link is a URL that allows you to access a file or folder on someone else’s computer. Unlike regular web URLs, which expire after a set amount of time, gofile.me links never expire. This means that you can use these links indefinitely without worrying about them expiring and locking you out of the files or folders they point to.

How gofile.me files are shared

If you want to share a link to a gofile.me file with others, be aware that the file’s share link may expire after a certain amount of time. This is because gofile.me links are not permanent and are instead stored on a server for only as long as the file is publicly available. You can verify the status of a shared gofile.me file by looking for the “Share this” button next to its title on the page where it is shared. If the button is red, then the link has expired and should not be used anymore.

What happens if a gofile.me file share link expires?

If you share a link to a gofile.me file share on social media, there’s a good chance that the link will expire in time.

When you create or share a link to a gofile.me file share, we embed an expiration timer. The timer counts down from 30 days, and if it expires, the link will no longer work.

If you’re thinking of sharing a gofile.me file share link on social media, make sure to check the expiration timer first!

How to keep your gofile.me file share link active

Keeping a gofile.me file share link active can be important for users of the service. If a gofile.me file share link expires, it no longer works and is not accessible.

To keep a gofile.me file share link active:

1) Make sure your gofile.me account is updated and current with the latest security settings and features.

2) Whenever you make changes to your gofile.me account information, make sure to save the new file share link in case you need to transfer files later on.

3) If you plan on using a public file share link for the long term, make sure to periodically update the link so that it remains active and working properly.


Does a gofile.me file share link ever expire? Most likely not, but it’s always worth checking the terms of service to be sure. In general, most file-sharing services have rules in place that dictate how long a user’s account will remain active and accessible, so it’s important to read the fine print before sharing any sensitive files.

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