Michelle Obama Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Personal Life, and Much More!

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is an attorney and author from the United States. From 2009 to 2017, she was the first lady of the United States. She was the first woman of African descent to hold this job. She is married to Barack Obama, who used to be president.

Obama grew up on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. He went to college at Princeton and law school at Harvard. At the beginning of her legal career, she worked at Sidley Austin, where she met Barack Obama. She then worked for nonprofits and was the vice president and associate dean of student services at the University of Chicago.

Michelle Obama Early Years: Childhood and Education

Michelle Obama, real name Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 17, 1964. Michelle was raised in the South Shore neighborhood. She struggled emotionally as a result of her father’s multiple sclerosis, so she put all of her effort into her education.

She was the class salutatorian and a 1981 Whitney Young High School graduate. She studied at Princeton University, where she double majored in sociology and African-American studies. She received her degree with honors in 1985.

Michelle Obama Career

After law school, Obama joined the Chicago office of the law firm Sidley & Austin as an associate. It was there that she met Barack, who would later become her husband. She did marketing and intellectual property law at the firm. She still has her law license, but since 1993, she has put it on a voluntary “inactive” status because she no longer needs it for her job.

In 1991, she worked as an assistant to the mayor and as an assistant commissioner of planning and development for the city of Chicago. In 1993, she became the executive director of the Chicago office of Public Allies, a non-profit group that encourages young people to work on social issues in nonprofit groups and government agencies.

She worked there for almost four years and set records for fundraising for the organization that was still in place twelve years after she left. Obama later said that before she started working “to build public allies,” she had never been happier in her life.

In 1996, Obama worked at the University of Chicago as the Associate Dean of Student Services. There, she created the university’s Community Service Center. She started working for the University of Chicago Hospitals in 2002, first as the executive director for community affairs and then, starting in May 2005, as the vice president for community and external affairs.

During the 2008 primary election, she kept her job at the University of Chicago Hospitals, but she worked fewer hours so she could spend more time with her daughters and work for her husband’s election. She then took a break from her job.

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Michelle Obama Served as First Lady

From 2009 to 2017, Michelle Obama was the First Lady of the United States. Michelle didn’t want to start out campaigning for her husband. She didn’t like it, but she would shake hands and raise money for it anyway. Michelle also didn’t like the idea of Barack running for president because she thought it would be hard on their young kids.

Michelle Obama Net Worth

During her campaign, she often talked about race, education, and being a mother. Barack Obama was first elected president on November 4, 2008, and he was reelected in 2012. During her first few months as First Lady, Obama often went to soup kitchens and shelters for the homeless and pushed for more young people to volunteer.

She held parties at the White House for people who fought for women’s rights and backed the economic stimulus bill. She said that Let’s Move, Reach Higher, Let Girls Learn, and Joining Forces are her four main goals as First Lady. Obama also spoke up for military families and encouraged people to join the military.

The Obamas Now Appear on Television.

Higher Ground Productions is behind this show for kids. This is an American production company that was started by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, his wife when he was president. Also, the couple made a deal with Netflix to work together to make movies and TV shows.

The deal is worth a lot of money. All of these projects are meant to make the entertainment industry more diverse. Higher Ground Productions also reached out to Spotify about making exclusive audio content for the platform. Along with Waffles + Mochi, the Obamas also made the Netflix show Ada Twist, Scientist, which teaches kids about science, technology, and math.

Personal Life of Michelle

On October 3, 1992, Michelle and Barack got married. Michelle had a miscarriage, so she and Barack had IVF to get pregnant with their daughter Malia Ann in 1998. In 2001, the couple had their daughter Sasha with the help of IVF.

Michelle Obama Net Worth

After Barack won the presidency, his family moved to Washington, DC, where the girls went to Sidwell Friends School. Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, is famous for moving into the White House with the family to help with child care.

Michelle Obama Real Estate

When Barack and Michelle Obama left office, they rented a mansion in Washington, D.C. while their youngest child finished high school. They bought the 8,200-square-foot rental for $8.1 million in June 2017.

In August 2019, it was said that the Obamas were in the process of buying a Martha’s Vineyard home for $14.9 million. The main house on the property is 7,000 square feet, and it has 29 acres of land right by the ocean.

How Much Money Does Michelle Obama Have?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michelle Obama is from the United States. She is a lawyer, and a writer, and was the first lady of the country. Michelle and Barack Obama have a combined net worth of $70 million as of this writing.

Over the past many years, Michelle Obama has written more than 9 successful books, from which she gets royalties every year. In the past year, Michelle Obama has made more than $15 million from royalties like these. Michelle Obama has made more than $40 million in royalties so far in her life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Michelle Obama Make Money?

Michelle Obama is an author, an activist, and a podcaster. In the past year, she has made more than $15 million from these activities.

How Did Michelle Obama Meet Barack Obama?

Michelle Obama moved back to Chicago in 1988 to work at the law firm Sidley Austin. Michelle Obama met Barack Obama there. He was a summer associate she was supposed to help.

What is Michelle Obama’s Height?

1.82 meters (5 feet 11 inches).

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