Reacher Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Be Shown? 

Reacher is an American action-crime drama series created by Nick Santora. Alan Ritchson plays the title character, a nomad and former military policeman who faces off against deadly criminals while traveling, in the film adaptation of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series.

On February 4, 2022, the first season, which was based on Child’s debut book Killing Floor from 1997, was made available. Bad Luck and Trouble will serve as the basis for the second season, which has been ordered.

Reacher Season 2 Renewal Status: Will There Be a New Season or Not?

Prime Video announced the continuation of the Reacher series not long after the first season became a success for the streaming service.

Following Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the character, there was a little break before the series brought Lee Child’s Jack Reacher back to our screens. The displays are a little bit smaller this time around, though, as Reacher is now a Prime Video TV show.

Despite this, now that Alan Ritchson is playing the lead, Reacher is more popular than ever. The Titans actor, who is closer to the character’s imposing 6 foot 5 inches in the books at 6 feet 2 inches, really does make excellent use of that physique in Reacher season one.

Reacher Season 2 Expected Release Date: When it Will Be Premiered?

As previously noted, Reacher was renewed by Prime Video just three days after season one premiered, but a release date has yet to be set in stone.

Reacher was among Amazon’s top five most-watched series ever, both in the US and internationally over a 24-hour period, according to Deadline (via Amazon). It also has a good ranking among users, so this prompt renewal shouldn’t be too shocking.

Reacher Season 2 Release Date (2)

We already knew that “filming will begin this fall” courtesy to a prior update from main guy Ritchson, and sure enough, in September 2022, he informed fans once more with an Instagram post from the set.

In a video, he declared, “We’re back, larger and better than before.” “I’m prepared to start off with a Reacher slate. Now that it’s been confirmed, we’re in.”

We don’t anticipate any new episodes to air until the beginning of 2023, but we’re hoping for a summer 2023 premiere. Or perhaps we’re overreaching.

Reacher Season 2 Expected Cast: Who Will Be Seen in the New Season?

The big fella Reacher, Alan Ritchson, will make a comeback. The Reacher TV series was always intended to stay true to Reacher’s nomadic tendencies from the books, so it’s unlikely that we’ll run across Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin), Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald), or any other Margrave, Georgia.

Shaun Sipos will play David O’Donnell, a former army comrade who Reacher considers to be as close to a brother as well as one of the numerous new cast members who play significant roles. Furthermore, the Reacher Season 2 cast has added Rory Cochrane, Serinda Swan, and Ferdinand Kingsley.

Reacher Season 2 Expected Plot: What Will Happen in this Season?

The first season of Reacher focused on Jack’s pursuit of the person responsible for his brother’s murder, and by the end of the final episode, the investigation was largely complete.

Even if Roscoe hopes otherwise, Reacher decides to leave Margrave when the mystery is solved in order to pursue new opportunities. She hands Reacher a chocolate wrapper bearing her phone number and says, “If you wander back, call me.”

After saying his farewell, Reacher enters a medal in his brother’s grave that holds a lot of sentimental worth. He wipes away his tears and starts to hitchhike to new pastures.
The first season of Jack Reacher was based on the first book in the series, Killing Floor. It has now been revealed that the second season will skip booking number 11, Bad Luck and Trouble, for inspiration.

Reacher season 1 ending on Amazon Prime Santora, the show’s executive producer, recently told TV Line (in February) that viewers shouldn’t necessarily expect them to follow chronologically, so the choice to skip ahead isn’t all that shocking.

Furthermore, Reacher still has 26 novels worth of source material to pull from, so there is still a lot that may be explored in any further future seasons.

Reacher Season 2 Release Date (2)

When previously questioned by Radio Times about which book might be the next to be adapted, Child responded, “I haven’t read the books. They’re authored by myself. I never read them again. By reputation and what others have said about them, I am familiar with them. Some are also quite well-liked.

“I would like to see more of how Reacher’s loneliness is alleviated by his relationships with other people. I think that’s what made this first season so fantastic. Two or three books particularly stand out in that regard. Thus, perhaps one of them.

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Where Can I Get Reacher to Watch Online?

A membership to Amazon Prime Video is required in order to watch Reacher. There is no other way to watch it.

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Is there a Trailer for Reacher Season 2?

There is not yet a trailer available for Reacher season 2, but we will make sure to update this page as soon as we have additional information and video to share with you. In the interim, you may revisit the trailer for the first season by clicking here.


The second season of “Reacher” has been ordered by Amazon. Alan Ritchson plays the title character, a nomad and former military policeman. A release date has not yet been set in stone. T

Executive producer Santora said viewers shouldn’t necessarily expect them to follow chronologically. Reacher still has 26 novels worth of source material to pull from. There is not yet a trailer available for Reacher season 2.

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