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Ben Stiller Net Worth: What is Ben Annual Income and Total Wealth?

Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller is an actor, comedian, and movie director from the United States. He is the son of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, who are both comedians and actors. Stiller was a member of a group of funny actors called the “Frat Pack” by the public. In Canada and the US, his movies have made more than $2.6 billion, or an average of $79 million per movie.

He has won many awards and honors over the course of his career, including an Emmy Award, multiple MTV Movie Awards, a Britannia Award, and a Teen Choice Award. Stiller wrote several mockumentaries when he was just starting out as an actor. He was also offered a variety sketch comedy show called The Ben Stiller Show, which he produced and hosted for 13 episodes.

From 1990 to 1992, the show ran on MTV, and its writer won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Program. After that, he was on shows like Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Arrested Development.

Ben Stiller Quick Info

Real Name Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller
Date of Birth: 1965-11-30
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, Film Producer, Television Director, Television producer, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America

Ben Stiller Early Years: Childhood And Education

He was given the name Benjamin Edward Stiller on November 30, 1965, and was raised by Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, two well-known actors. Ben frequently claims that his upbringing was out of the ordinary and that he was “born for a career in show business.”

Growing up on the Upper West Side, Stiller frequently visited the TV production locations where his parents worked. Amy, his older sister, has participated in a number of Ben’s performances and also works in the entertainment industry. As children, the two would collaborate to create Super 8 films. When he was nine years old, Stiller made his acting debut in a supporting role on his mother’s TV show Kate McShane.

Then he started acting with the First All Children’s Theater in NYC. In 1983, Stiller received his diploma from the Calhoun School in New York. He enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles for film school but left after nine months to return to New York City for acting classes and role auditions.

What is the Net Worth of Ben Stiller?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ben Stiller is an American actor, comedian, writer, film director, and producer with a net worth of $200 million. Ben Stiller is probably best known for movies like “Zoolander,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Meet the Parents,” and “Tropic Thunder.” Ben Stiller movies have made more than $6 billion at the box office around the world.

Ben Stiller Net Worth

When Ben Stiller decided to become an actor, he had to fill some pretty big shoes. The son of award-winning actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, he became interested in acting at a young age. He dropped out of UCLA Film School during his freshman year to focus on auditioning and getting an agent in New York.

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Career of Ben Stiller

Stiller started producing “The Ben Stiller Show,” which debuted on MTV before moving to FOX for a short time. With Bob Odenkirk, Andy Dick, and Janeane Garofalo, The Ben Stiller Show became a thriving breeding ground for young, trendy comedy.

He made a comeback to the big screen in “The Cable Guy” and the David O. Russell comedy “Flirting with Disaster.” The gross-out comedy “There’s Nothing about Mary,” in which Stiller co-starred with Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillion, is what first brought him international attention.

The comedian collaborated with Garofalo the next year to write Feel This Book: An Essential Guide to Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Supremacy, and Sexual Satisfaction, a parody self-help book. Stiller and Owen Wilson updated the iconic TV action comedy Starsky & Hutch in 2004, while Stiller portrayed Vince Vaughn’s adversary in the comedic spoof Dodgeball. He also starred in the love story Along Came Polly with Jennifer Aniston.

For Night at the Museum in 2006, Stiller aimed his particular brand of neurotic humor at younger audiences. As a result of its enormous success, the films “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” and “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” were produced. Tropic Thunder and the remake of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” which received mixed reviews, were both directed and starred in by Stiller.

He also starred in the comedic caper “Tower Heist” with Eddie Murphy at this time, and he reteamed with Vince Vaughn for the movie “The Watch,” which also starred Jonah Hill. The comedian then got ready for the 2016 sequel to one of his most well-known roles, Zoolander 2. Dan Erickson, Ben Stiller, and Aoife McArdle are the creators and directors of the science fiction psychological thriller television series Severance, which airs in the United States.

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Personal Life of Ben Stiller

Stiller has dated Calista Flockhart, Amanda Peet, and Jeanne Tripplehorn. In a Hawaii beachfront ceremony in May 2000, Stiller wed actress Christine Taylor. The two fell in love while filming a Fox television pilot that was never shown. In various movies, including “Zoolander,” “Tropic Thunder,” and “Arrested Development,” they have shared screen time.

Ben Stiller Net Worth

Ella Olivia, a daughter, and Quinlin Dempsey, a son, were born to them both. In “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,” Quinlan co-starred as the cub version of his father’s character, Alex, alongside a youngster by the name of Declan Swift. Sadly, after 17 years of marriage, Ben and Christine announced their separation in May 2017.

How Much Money Does Ben Stiller Invest in Real Estate?

Ben and Christine spent $15.3 million on a condo in New York City’s West Village in 2016, the final year of their marriage. In 2013, they sold their previous NYC condo for $9 million. Actually, they paid $1 million LESS for the property back in 2008. Up until October 2022, when it was sold for $14.5 million, they remained in their $15.3 million condo.

They sold their longstanding Los Angeles house to Jason Statham for $7.3 million in 2011, and two years later “Big Bang Theory” actor Johnny Galecki purchased it for $9.2 million. The Stillers still share ownership of two properties: a 33-acre estate in Chappaqua, New York, which they purchased in 2010 for $10 million, and a 14-acre bluff-top property in Hawaii, which they purchased in 2002 for $8.5 million.


A well-known name in the American film industry is Ben Stiller. He is a legendary personality with millions of fans and is adored all over the world. Ben’s participation in various films and television programs contributed to his career and popularity.

He is multi-talented and works in a variety of fields, including humor, acting, and producing. Ben has dated several Hollywood stars in the past, but for the past 21 years, he has been committed to Christine Taylor, with whom he is enjoying a great time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ben Stiller’s Estimated Net Worth?

Ben Stiller has a $200 million overall net worth.

What Year Was Ben Stiller Born?

Ben Stiller is 56 years old right now (30 November 1965).

How Much Money Does Ben Stiller Make?

A $15 million plus annual salary is what Ben Stiller is thought to make.

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