The Masked Singer’s Lambs: Who Are They?

Season 8 of The Masked Singer is at an entirely new level. The competition is heating up, with double eliminations every week, a total of 22 contestants, and two trips. The three incredibly adorable and beautiful costumed singers of one trio, “The Lambs,” have captured the entire attention of the audience.

Well, the hints point to the presence of certain influential personalities behind these adorable lambs with stunning eyelashes. Fans are now asking which of these three superstars is responsible for their bashful demeanor. I think I might know the solution, so let’s work it out together.

Let me educate people who haven’t even seen “The Masked Singer.” The Korean format “King of Mask Singer” served as the inspiration for the American singing reality show. All of the performers are well-known people who walk onto the stage wearing colorful costumes from head to toe.

Up until their final elimination, the contestants’ names are kept a secret from the host, the panel, the audience, and the other contestants. The well-liked American program’s eighth season is now airing. This week, a group known as “The Lambs” was presented; the songs that go along with these lovely outfits have some strong chords.

The three performed admirably throughout this episode, defeating Robo Girl. Fans still have questions about who “The Lambs” really are, although the show has made some hints. For all the hints, performances, and judge predictions for “The Lambs” on Season 8 of The Masked Singer, scroll down.

Are There Any “The Lambs” Clues?

Returning to the golden question, only one hint was provided for the Lambs prior to the start of the most recent season. We noticed a mask ray on the show’s official Instagram page that revealed a milk bottle hiding behind the costume. There was a sign that the three “Can’t let go” as they entered the stage.

“The Lambs” claimed during their debut that they “grew up with Miss Piggy and each other!” Additionally, they have been “Beverly Hills besties” since the beginning. Additional hints include

observing a member of the M.I.B. washing a golf ball while wearing a Scottish tam o’shanter cap.
The trio “liked playing pretend” and is “quite the squad.” The trio’s aspiration became a “huge career” on stage and in film.
One of the Men in Black is seen holding a pair of pants with the words “Famous” and “Venice” written on their backs of them. claimed to have traveled the world, been featured on billboards, and appeared on numerous red carpets.
Keep in mind the large, glittering diamond ring displayed on the screen.
Paul McCartney was cited as the biggest star they had ever collaborated with when “Miss Piggy” questioned them about it after their performance. Reddit users speculate that the mystery group is “The Chicks” because only one of the group members has the milk bottle hint, though some believe Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, and Emily Robison are hiding behind the masks.

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“The Lambs”: Who Are They?

Now, we must not overlook the fact that this season’s judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, as well as presenter Nick Cannon, have made a lot of good choices. Ken made the assumption that the Lambs were the Kardashians, and even I, along with the other panelists, disagree.

Nicole, though, believes they could be the group HAIM. It might be the country music group “The Chicks” for Robin. Now if you ask me, I am 98% certain that Wilson Phillips is responsible because all the evidence points to the trio.

I believe it’s none other than singers Chynna Phillips, Carnie Wilson, and Wendy Wilson of Wilson Phillips due to the fact that they grew up together, is the “Beverly Hills Besties,” are from LA, and have achieved success on both sides.

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