Who is Lydia in the “Tell Me Lies Season 1” Finale Recap?

Tell Me Lies’ riveting, plot-twisting tale has held audiences’ attention for weeks. Even though Tell Me Lies started out somewhat slow, it rapidly picked up steam and became a very fascinating movie to watch.

It was a drama that many people could see happening in their own lives because of the well-written characters and (mostly) plausible circumstances. The actions of Stephen (Jackson White) and Lucy (Grace Van Patten), a couple who are both incredibly poisonous, have disastrous effects on others around them.

However, the Tell Me Lies ending led many viewers to raise important questions about the likely plot of the second season.

Recap of the “Tell Me Lies Season 1″ Finale

The events in episode 10 were numerous.  The season ends, nevertheless, with a cut to Bree and Evan’s nuptials. We reenact the scenario where Wrigley gets drunk and shatters a dessert plate.
However, Lucy is cautioned to treat Wrigley with kindness because “his brother’s birthday was yesterday.” Stephen shows up to introduce himself as Lucy departs. They say hello to one another and smile at one another.  The next thing Stephen tells Lucy is that Lydia, his fiancée, is dying to see her again. Following their reunion, the episode comes to a close.

Is Lydia Lucy’s Closest Friend in “Tell Me Lies”?

The question at the end that bothers me the most is this one. But if you’ve been watching, Lydia might have shown up in a few episodes. There is no doubt that the series’ writers have a long-term plot arc in mind.

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It implies that Lydia is Lucy’s favorite hometown high school classmate. You would have seen Lydia talking to Lucy about Stephen during the break. You will also remember seeing Lydia and Lucy in college.

Who is Lydia in “Tell Me Lies”?

During season 1, a few tidbits about Lydia were disclosed, but other than that, not much is known about her. She made her debut in episode 1 and then returned in episode 5, the Christmas special. Then in episode 10, she makes her farewell appearance. As a result, we are left perplexed and wondering who she is and what she might represent in season 2.

Who is Lydia in Tell me Lies

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Although the second season has not yet been confirmed, it is still unknown if the show will return. The series plays with the idea that there are still more stories to be told even if the novel is, after all, a complete story. based on the first season’s finale. And considering the reception it got, I think it’ll come back.

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However, than we currently think, Lydia’s presence might offer more explanation for season 2. The story has more complexity because of how Lucy, Lydia, and Stephen are involved in one another’s lives at different times. The motivation behind the story is still the hostility between Stephen and Lucy.

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