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In Buenos Aires, a BTS Star Ignites a Fan Frenzy.

 Fans have flocked to see the K-pop sensation from BTS, who may be making his last public appearance for some time, as “Jin” fever has spread to Buenos Aires. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter Jin is scheduled to perform with Coldplay on Friday on the Argentine leg of the British rock band’s tour before enlisting in the South Korean military.

He is scheduled to appear on just one song, the first live performance of “The Astronaut,” which he co-wrote with Chris Martin of Coldplay. Since hearing last week about Jin’s one-time performance, hundreds of fans have camped out outside the River Plate stadium, which is holding 10 Coldplay performances. On Thursday, Coldplay tweeted: “Jin is here!”

Bts Star Ignites a Fan Frenzy.

More than a thousand followers gathered at the airport earlier in the week in the hopeless goal of catching a sight of Jin’s arrival, but he snuck out through a rear exit. Agustina Jenzi, a university student, told AFP outside the stadium that “it…means a lot today that he is going to go to serve military service.” Jenzi was among others who came with tents, yoga mats, food, and drink for the extended wait.

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“It’s good for him to have this experience. I’m not sure if he came by and noticed us. He should be aware that there are numerous individuals present. When the doors open for the event on Friday, the local chapter of the worldwide “BTS Army” hopes to be as close to the stage as they can.

“To be near him”
Ten days ago, the BTS agency announced that the band’s seven members would enlist in the military, ending discussion about whether they could be excluded from the approximately two-year mandatory service requirement. The group, which is credited for pumping billions into the South Korean economy, has until December to sign up. They have stated that they intend to meet again by 2025.

The temporary tent camp outside the stadium is festooned with shrine-like tributes to Jin, including homemade signs with the singer’s images, as well as phone covers, blankets, and scarves.

The “Army” communicates via social media to pass the time during the long wait for the concert. One intriguing teaser shows Jin dancing to Coldplay’s song “The Universe” backstage at their performance on Wednesday. By Thursday morning, almost 1.5 million people had seen the film, which was verified by AFP Fact Check.

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