Who is Tao Zrafi? Drink Masters Season 1 Finalist is a World Traveller.

The first season of the Netflix series Drink Masters has some of the best mixologists in the world competing in various challenges. The grand finals were only reached by three of the twelve competitors. Tao Zrafi is the name of one of them.

Drink Masters

Twelve of the most creative mixologists in the world compete in a series of risky cocktail challenges for the chance to become The Ultimate Drink Master and receive a life-altering prize.

Who is Tao Zrafi?

Tao is a seasoned mixologist with experience in the region. She is from Montreal, Canada. The distinctive personal touch he gave the cocktails he served delighted the judges. In the finals, Tao declared that drinking and traveling were his two greatest loves.

Tao Zrafi Carrer

Tao left Tunisia at the age of 20 and went to Canada with the goal of becoming an interior designer. Tao started working as a bartender to support his family.

Tao had never ingested alcohol before the age of 23, according to data published by The Cinemaholic. Soon after, he realized how much he loved mixology and decided to make a career out of it. He then made the decision to follow his true passion and change his job

Who is Tao Zrafi (2)

On Drink Masters, Tao admitted that he set high standards for his products. Tao Zarfi did not come in last place in any of the episodes, but he also did not always succeed in winning over the judges. He was chosen to compete with two other mixologists in the final round, though, thanks to his consistently high-quality concoctions.

The task for the contestants was to create a three-course, custom cocktail menu that will astound the judges. Tao took risks when making his cocktails and gave them unusual twists. One of the drinks he served the judges was called Night in Tunisia. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sufficient to give him the championship. In the Netflix competition series, he finished third.

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Tao has experience working as a bartender in many Canadian establishments. The Cinemaholic claims that the Drink Masters contestant has participated in previous bartending competitions to hone his skills.

When COVID-19 hit, Tao started working as a bartending consultant. Once the restrictions and lockdowns were lifted, he opened pop-up shops. He advertises himself as a world traveler and fashion star on Instagram. His highlights can be viewed by fans to see the locations and cities he’s been to. The list includes India, Tunisia, New York, Columbia, Australia, Bali, and Istanbul.

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He regularly writes about his most recent mixes and travel journals and has more than 2,200 Instagram followers.

All episodes of Drink Masters season 1 may be watched on Netflix, which is the only place where it is currently accessible to stream. It is enjoyable to watch in contrast to other reality shows that follow cliches and trends. Additionally, drink recipes are made available to viewers.

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