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Beverly Hills Season 1: When It Will Be Released?

A brand-new Netflix reality show about real estate is called Buying Beverly Hills. Brent Montgomery, Will Nothacker, Justin W. Hochberg, and Liz Fine are the series’ executive producers. Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky and his family are reportedly featured on the show.

Umansky is a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star turned real estate mogul. The format of the program is also quite similar to that of “Selling Sunset.” The documentary will reportedly follow Mauricio’s global luxury brokerage firm in its sunny Beverly Hills offices, as well as its team of agents, which includes his daughters Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky.

Beverly Hills Season 1: When It Will Be Released

One of the most-watched reality television shows, Buying Beverly Hills premiered on October 27, 2022. Within the first few episodes of its premiere, this show gained so much popularity that a new season has been added. Yes! Buying Beverly Hills Season 1 has finally begun, and a few episodes have already been broadcast.

The viewers of this series are so impressed that they can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming episode, which is Buying Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 2. When will the second installment, Episode 2, air? So, the anticipated air date for Buying Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 2 is November 4, 2022.

Buying Beverly Hills release date (3)

The network recently released the series’ trailer on October 7, 2022. Additionally, it is evident from the trailer that viewers will see both family and corporate strife. The more successful you are, the more people will say bad about you, Mauricio said in the video. Another time, when Alexia is challenged if real estate is the correct line of work for her, her performance at the company is questioned.

However, before the show’s premiere, here is everything you need to know about it.

Beverly Hills Season 1 Cast

We do not currently have access to the whole show’s official cast list. However, according to the reports, the following are anticipated in the series.

  • Mauricio Umansky
  • Alexia Umansky
  • Farrah Brittany
  • Ben Black
  • Sonika Vaid
  • Melissa Platt
  • Joey Ben-Zvi
  • Allie Lutz Rosenberger
  • Jon Grauman
  • Santiago Arana
  • Brandon Graves

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Beverly Hills Season 1 Plot

According to what we know, the program centers on the clients and agents of Mauricio Umansky’s Beverly Hills agency, The Agency.

Buying Beverly Hills release date (3)

Also stated in the series synopsis is that “Mauricio Umansky’s family-run company The Agency represents some of Beverly Hills’ most opulent houses. However, drama lurks everywhere.

We saw in the trailer how Alexia’s credentials were questioned by other agents as the boss’ daughter joined the company. Mauricio prepares his daughter to deal with the animosity that success brings. The Umansky family, however, investigates the drama in their personal and professional lives.

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Where Can We Watch The Beverly Hills

Online platforms are increasingly popular places to view series since they allow for the release of extravagant television shows and films. These numerous online platforms, which make it simple for binge-watchers to watch these series with little effort required, have also contributed to the increase in the watch rate for series. In reality, viewers may watch the second episode of Season 1 of Buying Beverly Hills online.

Beverly Hills for Sale: Trailer

See Buying Beverly Hills’ official trailer below:


Buying Beverly Hills is a brand-new Netflix reality show about real estate. The first season premiered on October 27, 2022. When will the second installment, Episode 2, air? Drama lurks everywhere on the new season of Buying Beverly Hills, according to the official synopsis. Viewers will see Mauricio Umansky’s family drama as well as Alexia’s real estate career.

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