The Fabulous (2022) Release Date: Checkout the Details

The Fabulous (2022), is a South Korean live drama series in which four closest friends who work in the fashion industry balance their personal and professional lives.

Kim Ji-hee and Im Jin-seon are the authors. Kim Jung-Hyun also serves as the series director. Additionally, the show will debut on Netflix the first week of November of this year.

The show apparently tells the tales of young adults who struggle to balance their personal, professional, and romantic lives in a fast-paced, cutthroat workplace. Let’s discuss more specifics about this new series before its premiere, even if we already revealed certain story details.

The Fabulous Release Date

Thanks to the official Netflix poster, we now know when The Fabulous will be released. On November 4, 2022, The Fabulous will make its Netflix debut.

The Fabulous (Netflix)

The Korean drama will consist of a total of 8 episodes, as was previously promised.

 The Fabulous Cast

We do not currently know who the show’s whole cast and a cast of characters are. However, here is a list of the series’ official cast members, per reports. Look at this.

  1. Choi Min-ho as Ji Woo-min
  2. Chae Soo-bin as Pyo Ji-eun
  3. Kim Min-kyu as Shim Do-young
  4. Lee Sang-woon as Joseph
  5. Choi Hee-jin as Ahn Nam-hee
  6. Shin Dong-mi as Oh
  7. Lee Mi-do as Hong Ji-seon
  8. Jeon Soo-kyeong as Jang Ok-jin
  9. Choi Won-myung as Lee Nam-jin
  10. Lim Ki-hong as Thierry Henri
  11. Lee Si-woo as Esther

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The Fabulous Plot

As far as we can tell, the storyline follows four best friends as they pursue their aspirations alongside the fashion elite while balancing tough jobs, love triangles, and wild nights out.

Asian Wiki notes that the show, however, tells the tale of people who have dedicated their life to the fashion industry and strive to make it there.

The Fabulous (Netflix)

Ji Woo-Min works as a freelance photo retoucher and is in charge of enhancing images. He is charming and skilled at his job, yet he lacks love or passion for it.

Since she was a little child, Pyo Ji-Eun has wanted to work in the fashion industry. She is now the section leader for a company that promotes premium brands. Despite her attempts to make it in the fashion industry, she manages to keep a good attitude and a lively personality.

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The Fabulous Trailer

View The Fabulous’s official trailer below:


  • The Fabulous (2022) is a South Korean live-action drama series. It tells the tale of four best friends who work in the fashion industry. There will be 8 episodes, as was previously promised. The show will debut on Netflix the first week of November. For more Update Do not forget visit our website jerseyshorevibe.

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