Lookism Release Date: When and Where to Watch Lookism?

Park Tae-Joon is the author and artist of the South Korean webcomic Lookism, which debuted in November 2014 on Naver WEBTOON. A Japanese-Korean animated series adaption by Studio Mir is scheduled to go live on Netflix in November 2022. It centers on a high school kid who can switch between two bodies: one that is obese and ugly and the other that is fit and attractive.

The Official Lookism Plot

The main character of Lookism is a high school student (Park Hyeong-Seok) who one morning awakens with a flawless body and a handsome face. Studio Mir, the company behind The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, is bringing the animated series to life. It is based on the well-known Korean webtoon.

LINE Manga and Naver WEBTOON both serialize the webcomic. The story of the comic follows the lead character as he tries to live his life while dealing with numerous social problems. The webcomic started publication in 2014, and as of 2018, it has received 8.7 billion views worldwide.

The series official synopsis is as follows:

”The story of the animated series “deals with the subtle materialism and lookism present in the lives of people living in modern society, just like the original webtoon”

Release Date of Lookism

A new animated series called Lookism will examine the drama genres of Korean, Teen TV Shows, School Anime, Drama Anime, and Anime Series. The show is an adaptation of a Korean Webtoon that was previously published. Netflix is the original distributor of the series, which was adapted by Studio Mir.

Ryu Seung-gone, Han Shin, and Shim Kyu-hyuck make up the show’s core cast. On November 4, 2022, Lookism will begin streaming on Netflix, a web-based streaming service.

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Cast of Lookism

  • Logan Lee taunts Daniel Park, a naive high school student. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka performs his voice in the Japanese language.
  • Vasco has a reputation for standing up for the oppressed and weak like Robin Hood. Shunsuke Takeuchi provides his Japanese voice for him.

Lookism Release Date

  • Jay Hong is a system and kali martial artist who is quiet, affluent, and secretive.
  • Boxer Zack Lee, who was hostile to everyone but his beloved childhood buddy Mira Kim, was aggressive. Wataru Urata provides his Japanese voice for him.
  • Kim Mi Jin, Mizuki Sakane, and Mira Kim Mira Kim are kind, persistent, perceptive, and optimistic about everyone. Natsu Yorita provides her Japanese voiceover.
  • Beautiful girl Zoe Park attempted to use charm to acquire what she desired. Saori Hayami performs her Japanese voice acting.

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Trailer of Lookism

The Lookism trailer gives viewers a good indication of what to anticipate. It illustrates the distinction between a boy who is overweight and is bullied and a boy who gets a tonne of attention because he is attractive. The fact that they are the same person hiding behind many body casings is used by the show to make a statement about how society regards obese people.

It will talk about body shaming as well as how high school is turning into a toxic place for students. It will be fascinating to watch how the main character handles this pressure while they are away from their homes in locations that are supposed to be safe.

The Talk About Lookism on Social Media

Fans are very excited about the Chinese anime show that will soon be available on Netflix. Given how popular and well-known the webtoon version of the series has become, it is clear that it has made the series stand out and become more interesting. It makes sense to hope for good things from the new show.

The show is different and stands out because it has a different plot and story. It is hoped that the drama will be just right. The official Netflix Anime Twitter account has been tweeting about the new show.

Lookism Release Date

“Lookism is coming to Netflix on November 4!” read a recent Tweet from the official account @NetflixAnime. Park Hyung Suk goes to high school in two very different bodies… #TUDUM #TUDUMjapan #Lookism” and then the show’s trailer. The trailer was able to get people interested, and things look very good.

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Where Can I Watch Lookism?

The upcoming Netflix television series Lookism will be accessible to viewers online. The show’s creators have not yet disclosed where, outside Netflix, the episodes of the show will be accessible for streaming.

It is quite likely that as soon as the show is officially released on Netflix, it will also be made available for watching on other illegal websites like movies, pikashow, and many more.

Episode Guide for Lookism

The show’s creators have not yet fully disclosed the episode list for Lookism. The Netflix streaming service will serve as the series’ official release date. It is anticipated that the show will release all of its episodes at once, as opposed to following a weekly release schedule.

The creators of the series have not yet disclosed the anticipated number of episodes and accompanying episode run time for the following season. The release day for the program is November 4, 2022. The series is mostly produced in Korean, but it will also be made available in other dubbed languages.

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