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Haley Lu Richardson Confirms Two-year Breakup With Brett Dier

After almost seven years together, Haley Lu Richardson and Brett Dier split up two years ago.

Even though the breakup may come as a surprise to viewers, the former couple has been apart for about two years and has not spoken about it until now.

In 2020, the Actress Confirmed That She and the Actor Had Ended Their Relationship

Brett Dier and Haley Lu Richardson have grown so far apart that they can no longer be separated. Despite keeping their breakup a secret, the White Lotus actress announced the couple’s split in 2020 on her Instagram account.

Richardson reflected on the previous few years since the couple dissolved their relationship in her Nov. 1 Instagram story, explaining why she wanted to share the news now rather than later.

“Hello, folks. This is Brett and me. “We actually split up two years ago,” the 34-year-old said in the description of the image, which was accompanied by a snapshot of the couple posing for a picture and giving each other a thumbs up at the end. “But life goes on, and it turns out that we’re both surviving and doing very well.”

“I’m so pleased I had the last several years to heal and grow without the internet knowing,” she says, “but we sorta just wanted to share it and move on now.” Respect yourself! Babies, life is life!”

Brett Also Shared the Same Photo on His Instagram Story

Brett’s Story posted this photo with the message, “Hey folks. Haley and I are here. We split up two years ago, but we saw each other for the first time today. We are overjoyed and grateful for the time we spent together. Haley’s post is a better word for those who have been yearning to know what happened to us, so go read that one! Have a wonderful day!”

Haley Lu Richardson Confirms Two-year Breakup With Brett Dier

Fans are likely surprised by the breakup, but the couple has been apart for about two years and has never spoken about it.

They declared the end of their relationship in a photo posted to their separate Instagram Stories. Furthermore, they made it apparent that neither party harbors any ill will against the other.

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The Couple Started Dating for the First Time in 2012

Richardson proposed to his six-year girlfriend in 2019, six years after the couple began dating in 2012. Richardson, on the other hand, hasn’t posted any footage of the couple to his Instagram account since Halloween over two years ago.

Haley Lu Richardson Confirms Two-year Breakup With Brett Dier

Dier has also shared the same video on his Facebook, which carries the date November 2020 and is the couple’s most recent video posting.

The reason for their breakup is unknown, but their absence from each other’s profiles made their followers question if their relationship was finished.

We are pleased that both of them were able to reach an agreement on their own terms, as they had the respect and privacy to do so. Could you please give your thoughts on their decision? If you have something to say, please leave a comment.

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