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Who is Colleen Reed? When is Season 3 of Love is Blind Premieres?

The third season of the popular Netflix dating series “Love Is Blind” has already introduced us to a diverse cast of characters, each of whom is searching for love in a very special way. But we’ve already seen some dishonesty in the pod, like when contestant Andrew Liu put eye drops in during a confessional to make it appear as though he was crying after Nancy Rodriguez turned down his marriage proposal. Could others be making false claims about who they are?

The occupation of Colleen Reed was one subject that came up frequently in the first few episodes. Since she is a ballet dancer, one of the first things she says on camera is that she is worried about people making assumptions about her because of this. The audience then watched as she described her line of work to several people in the pods.

Who is Colleen Reed?

Ballet dancer and digital PR strategist Colleen Reed, 26, thinks when someone finds “the one,” they have an “instant feeling.” She went to see “Love is Blind” in the hopes of experiencing that emotion there. Colleen currently resides in Dallas, Texas, but she is originally from Easton, Pennsylvania.

When she trained under the direction of Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane, she developed a love for ballet at a very young age. The brunette beauty has danced in a number of ballets, such as the Nashville Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Orlando Ballet. Colleen is prepared to meet the love of her life, and she is sure that he is in the pods, according to her Netflix bio. The duration of her longest relationship was roughly five years.

Who is Colleen Reed?

Cole Barnett was the first person Colleen was seen making a connection with, but the two did not end up dating because Cole had doubts about Colleen’s capacity for “deeper” and meaningful relationships. Colleen was hoping for a spark with Brennon Lemieux before Cole rejected her, but he chose Alexa Alfia over Colleen, breaking the ballet dancer’s heart and causing her to cry uncontrollably.

However, Colleen persisted in her search for love and eventually connected strongly with Matt. To Colleen’s delight, Matt decided to propose after learning personal information about each other’s past and insecurities. The couple’s wedding and all the ensuing drama will be featured in the upcoming episode.

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When is Season 3 of Love is Blind Premieres?

Twelve one-hour episodes make up Season 3 of Love Is Blind, which will be released on Netflix over time. The publication schedule is as follows:

  • 1 to 4 Episodes: October 19
  • 5 to7 Episodes: October 26
  • 8 to 10 Episodes: November 2 

On November 9, the cast will come together for a reunion to talk about the season’s events as well as the wedding episode.

Episodes of After the Altar, which follows contestants a year after their weddings, have included previous Love Is Blind cast members as well. This hasn’t been confirmed by Season 3 yet.

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely, as well as Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, were found to have split up after the Season 2 After the Altar episodes, proving that none of the Love Is Blind couples from season two are still together.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett and Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are two first-season couples that are still together today. Netflix has the third season of Love Is Blind available for viewing. Additionally, the streaming service offers previous seasons.

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Colleen Reed in “Loves is Blind Season 3”

Being a contestant on a dating show takes courage! And “Love is Blind” is proof of it. Fans can now stream Season 3 of the popular Netflix blind dating series, which is packed with hot drama. The show features a variety of scenes, including heartfelt confessions of love and jealousy as well as scathing rejections. Undeniably, the competition is getting hotter as the stakes and the level of tension rise.

Who is Colleen Reed (3)

Speaking of rising tension, Colleen Reed, a Texan ballet dancer who experienced significant rejection in the first few episodes of “Love is Blind,” would undoubtedly understand how that feels.

Colleen found it difficult to find the right guy because all the guys she liked kept rejecting her while her fellow participants were getting cosy with each other. The reality star did, however, eventually connect with sales executive Matt Bolton after all the trauma, and the two soon became engaged. Here is all the information we have on the stunning ballet dancer.

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What Transpired During the Show?

Oh my goodness, Colleen. for Cole, fell. Brennon then. Then they dumped her together. She then started to like Matt. Back to Cole in the pool after that. It shallow end, naturally.

Who is Colleen Reed?

She discussed wanting to keep conversations light and her difficulty relating to guys on a personal level. When she and Cole admitted their shared interest, it was all about appearances—perhaps as is customary. Prior to Cole telling him outright that they should switch girls, poor Matt was simply burning away in the sun on the side.

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