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Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West Fans for Making Fun of Her Post-divorce ‘flame Outfit’: ‘Everyone Is So F—king Fickle’

She is sticking to her fashion. Kim Kardashian responded to critics who ridiculed her Balenciaga flame dress with an unexpected attack.

“Allow me to say one thing regarding the flaming suit that everyone is talking about. On the internet, people slammed me, saying, ‘This is what she gets for not being with Kanye.’ Finally, one look she clothes herself and Kanye’s outfits must have run out,” Kim, 42, remarked in a post-credits scene during the debut of a new episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians on Thursday, November 3.

Kanye West, according to the Skims founder, was the inspiration for the fashion choice. “The rumor is that this was one of the clothes that he styled and chose,” Kim explained. “If you knew that and we were together, you’d think it was the coolest costume in the world.‘Everyone Is So F—king Fickle’

The comments came after the aspiring attorney stepped out in April wearing a turtleneck top, a red leather wrap skirt, and matching gloves that produced a flame print. Kim has already spoken openly about how her ex-husband, 45, influenced her love of design.

Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West Fans for Making Fun of Her Post-divorce 'flame Outfit': 'Everyone Is So F—king Fickle’

“I definitely see what I like, but I’ve never been the visionary,” she admitted in a May episode of The Kardashians. “I’ve always trusted him, but it’s not just about the clothes.” That was the only thing we had in common. With my sisters, I was always ‘The Kardashians.’ Then I was known as ‘Kimye.’ Who exactly is Kim K.? That’s the leap. “How am I going to get there without Kanye?”

After nearly seven years of marriage, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021. Later that year, the KKW Beauty entrepreneur requested that she be proclaimed legally unmarried and that her last name be restored. Her request was granted about a year after she filed for divorce.

Kim opened up about how the split posed issues for her and the rapper while filming her famous reality show. In a May episode, she told Kourtney Kardashian, “He told me my career was finished and showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar,” referring to a dress she chose for an event.

Kim said she was “quite positive” her marriage was gone when she decided to file for divorce. “When I filed, I felt it needed to be done because I knew it wasn’t the ideal scenario for me,” she stated. “I feel fantastic right now.” I came to the point where I would ask him for opinions on everything, even what I should dress. I’m suffering panic attacks right now.”

The beauty mogul, who briefly dated Pete Davidson after their breakup, also criticized the music producer’s double standard.

Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West Fans for Making Fun of Her Post-divorce 'flame Outfit': 'Everyone Is So F—king Fickle’

“I am always really protective of Kanye and do not share many of the unpleasant events that have occurred.” “It’s just that he’s not here doing the program,” she stated during season 1. “In addition, if I do something on a reality show, people say, ‘How could she talk about him?’

” But he can sing a song, and people say, ‘That’s so imaginative and expressive.’ It is always two opposing sides that are expressed in opposing ways. One is revered, while the other is not.”Kanye West Will Purchase the Conservative Social Media Site Parler Will Purchase the Conservative Social Media Site Parler

Late last month, the “Bound 2” rapper made headlines after making anti-Semitic remarks. In reaction, Kim stated unequivocally that she disagreed with her ex-remarks. husband’s “Hate speech is never acceptable or excusable,” she tweeted on October 24. “I stand with the Jewish community in calling for a stop to the awful violence and cruel words directed at them.”

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